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INDOT — August 10, 2022, Regular Letting INDOT — August 10, 2022, Regular Letting


INDOT — August 10, 2022, Regular Letting

August 10, 2022

All Registration Forms must be received by INDOT before 9:00 A.M. E.T. the day of letting. For questions regarding submission of this form, please call 317-234-4949. All Bidders must be prequalified and have proper qualifications and bidding capacity. For prequalification questions, please call 317-232-5096 or 317-232-5094.

Letting Information

Wage Notifications

Updated Notifications  
08/03/2022 Wage Determintation Notification IN20220001 | IN20220006

Construction Letting Email Inbox

Updated Notifications  
08/10/2022 Construction Letting Email Inbox  

Letting Results

Updated Results  
08/31/2022 Official Bid Results    
09/02/2022 Affirmative Action Certification and Participation Plans (Available within 3 days of the Contract Award)  
09/01/2022 Unit Tab Results PDF  

Additional Information



Schedules are estimated and subject to change without notice.

  • Failure to register as a valid bidder will cause failure of the Bid Express bid submission process. To register as a Bidder, or to be listed as a Planholder, please submit the Bidders & Planholders Registration Form.
  • Failure to submit Drug Testing Plan and Performance Bond prior to date and time of letting, when required, will result in bid rejection (More information)
  • The files posted and available for download on the INDOT website are copyright free and available to the general public at no cost.

How to View a Contract

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