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INDOT Permit Guide

INDOT Permits is pleased to announce the publication of the new Permit Guide.

This newly developed guide describes the framework within INDOT and how it administers the program. This document is intended as an open reference for anyone who wishes to obtain guidance or information on INDOT’s Permit Program. The user should be aware that policies, regulations, standards and forms may be subsequently revised, added or deleted. The user should contact INDOT Central Office Permits Division with questions pertaining to pending or approved changes.

Online Submission of INDOT Permit Applications

INDOT Permits is paperless! All permit applicants are now required to use INDOT’s Electronic Permitting System (EPS) when seeking a permit and making an electronic payment. INDOT is working to modernize and increase productivity to better improve our service offerings, and EPS makes it easy to apply for and update a permit. Utilizing INDOT’s online system allows customers to track and manage their permits, enable direct email access to track communications, and provides a repository for all documents relevant to the permit. Once registered to use EPS, the applicant can just follow the instruction prompts for submitting the application package. All permit applications must be submitted electronically, however, certain exceptions will be allowed by law.

Guide to Outdoor Advertising

INDOT is happy to announce the release of the Guide to Outdoor Advertising, following review by the Federal Highway Administration. This document replaces the 2014 edition of the Outdoor Advertising Control Manual, which was previously made available on INDOT’s website as a resource regarding outdoor advertising permits in Indiana.

The new Guide provides resources for the reader to understand Indiana’s outdoor advertising control program including the full text of the applicable Indiana Administrative Code revised in 2019 and other Federal and State laws and regulations. It also offers guidance on how to apply for, and maintain, the required permits using EPS. New sections include walk-throughs to register for an account with EPS and to submit a permit application along with accompanying documentation and the required fee.

The Guide will receive periodic review and updates to reflect any future changes in law, regulations, or business practices, or other updates. INDOT welcomes feedback on this new document, which can be directed to permits@indot.in.gov.


Apply For a Permit Using EPS

INDOT enables you to apply for permits online using EPS

Certain permits will require a maintenance agreement to conduct work in State right-of-way. The process can take between 90 to 120 days. If a maintenance agreement is required, a permit will not be issued until there is a fully executed agreement in place. Contact your district permits office for questions and early coordination. 

EPS Login: https://eps.indot.in.gov

See links below for more information on specific types of permits:

Type of Permit Application Fee
Outdoor Advertising Sign Permit New Application: $100
Addendum: $100
Transfer of ownership of sign: $40
Replacement tag: $25
Right-of-Way Occupancy Permit $55
Broadband Access Permit $55
Driveway Permit See Driveway Permit page
Railroad Permit $1,150
Miscellaneous Permit $15

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