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Prequalification Committee INDOT - December 12, 2018 Regular Letting


Prequalification Committee

Prequalification Committee Membership

Christopher Serak Prequalification Director; Committee Chair and Non-Voting Member
Jose Murillo Prequalification Engineer; Committee Secretary and Non-Voting Member
Jeff Clanton Consultant Contracts; Voting Member
Louis Feagans Asset Management; Voting Member
David Holtz Pavement Engineering; Voting Member
Joe Novak Crawfordsville District Construction; Voting Member
Joe Gustin Finance; Voting Member
Jim Stark Right of Way; Voting Member
Aggie Wagoner Prequalification Specialist; Administrative Coordinator and Non-Voting Member
Elizabeth Kiefner Crawford Economic Opportunity Division; Voting Member
Jason Spreen Fort Wayne District Construction; Voting Member
Jeremy Hunter Engineering Department; Voting Member
Heather Kennedy Executive Designee; Non-Voting Member

Prequalification Committee Meetings

The INDOT Prequalification Committee will convene on the following dates. The majority of the meetings will be held at 9:00 A.M. (local time) virtually in Microsoft Teams; however, please check the agenda for the actual time and location.  Meetings are subject to cancellation or changes.

2021 Prequalification Committee Schedule

2020 Prequalification Committee Schedule

Prequalification Committee Meeting Schedule for 2021
January 14
February 4
March 4
April 1
May 6
June 3
July 15
August 5
September 2
October 7
November 4
December 2

Prequalification Committee Procedures

Electronic Participation Policy

Committee Charter

Performance Matter Hearing Procedures

Internal Prequalification Issue Procedures

Rules for Prequalification of Contractors and Bidding

INDOT Consultant Prequalification Manual

Map of IGC South Conference Center

Parking Information

Related Links

Prequalification Committee Meetings Archive

Contractor Prequalification Information

Consultant Prequalification Information

Contact Information

Christopher Serak
Director of Prequalification
Ethics Officer
Indiana Department of Transportation
Office: 317-234-2115

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