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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification

Qualifications for DBE Certification 

INDOT is the sole certifying agency for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Airport Concession Desadvantaged Businees Enterprise (DBE/ACDBE) programs in the state of Indiana. This means that to participate as a DBE on contracts with funding through FHWA, FAA, or the FTA, a business must first obtain DBE/ACDBE certification. To qualify as a DBE or an ACDBE, as required in 49 CFR part 26 or 23 respectively, a firm must be:

  • At least 51 percent owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who:
    • Are US citizens or permanent residents
    • Possess expertise in the field
    • Control the daily business operations
    • Have a personal net worth less than $1,320,000 (excluding the value of their
      primary residence and assets of the firm applying for DBE certification)

The following groups are presumed by law to be socially and economically disadvantaged:

  • Black Americans
  • Hispanic Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Asian-Pacific Americans
  • Subcontinent Asian Americans
  • Women

A small business, as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA), which means:

  • The firm's average annual gross receipts may not exceed Small Business Administration size standards
  • In any case, a firm's gross receipts may not exceed a $23,980,000 average over the previous three fiscal years

Applying for a New DBE/ACDBE Certification

As of July, 2016, new applications for DBE and ACDBE certification will only be processed electronically. To apply you must create an INDOT Technical Application Pathway (ITAP) log-in and request access to the DBE portal in ITAP. Step-by-step instructions can be found at: 

Indiana DBE Directory

Find certified DBEs through the use of the Directory.  DBEs may be searched and sorted by company name, NAICS code, DBE category/specialty, INDOT district, and/or DBE code.

Maintaining Your Application

As of July 2016 we will no longer accept paper documents. If you need to submit an amendment request or your annual No Change Affidavit, you must do so electronically.

Annual Affidavit of No Change

Annually, if there have been no changes in your company, you need to submit your Affidavit of No Change and a copy of your company taxes. You will also need to know your Adjusted Gross Income from line 37 of your most recently filed personal taxes. For instructions on how to complete the Affidavit of No Change, please click the following link:


Go to the My Application page and select the “Edit” button. You have 30 days to complete the amendment before it is deleted.

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Printing Your Certificate

In ITAP, go into the ‘New Application’ side of your file. At the far right side of screen, click on the red icon (view report). 

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You will find a ‘Certificate’ button listed at the bottom, within this pop-up box. Click on the button and your certificate will open and you will be able to print it.

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Verification and Activation of your Application

As of July 2016 our office has gone paperless. You must get an INDOT Technical Application Pathway (ITAP) login, request access to the DBE portal, and verify and submit you current application to activate it. Detailed instructions can be found here: Verification and Application Activation

Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)

There are currently two active MOU’s which are designed to simplify the process of obtaining multiple certifications in the State of Indiana. The current MOU’s are in place between INDOT and the Indiana Department of Administration for the statewide M/WBE program, and INDOT and the City of Indianapolis, for its M/WBE program.

For more information regarding the expedited M/WBE process with IDOA, please visit the Indiana Department of Administration website.

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Contact Information

Derrick Casson
DBE Certification Manager
p: 317-605-8433

Joy Bozone
DBE Certification Specialist
p: 317-416-0651

Michael Rowe
DBE Certification Specialist
p: 317-416-1188

Kimberly Sons
DBE Certification Specialist
p: 317-416-6190

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