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Cut the Red Tape

Cut the Red Tape


Governor Pence signed Executive Order 13-03 on his first day in office. Understanding that over several decades, government regulations had increased the complexity and expense of Hoosiers' lives, the Governor ordered a stop to new regulations and a thorough review of the ones already in place. This "Regulatory Moratorium" will help promote Hoosiers’ freedom to engage in individual, family, and business pursuits. Outmoded, ineffective, excessively burdensome, or unnecessary rules should be repealed so that private sector employment and new investment in Indiana increases and the quality of our Hoosier workforce improves.

Invitation for Input from the Public

We need your help. Governor Pence tasked the Office of Management and Budget with reviewing existing regulations. If you have ideas on which regulations could be simplified or eliminated in order to improve Hoosiers’ lives and businesses, send us your thoughts. Your suggestion will be automatically sent to an OMB staff member. Thank you for contributing to our goal of creating a better regulatory environment!

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