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Supportive Services

INDOT’s Supportive Services Program has two components, DBE Supportive Services and OJT Supportive Services.  For information about OJT Supportive Services, please see our Contract Compliance page.   

DBE Supportive Services

DBE Supportive Services is the education and outreach piece of the overall EOD program.  The DBE Supportive Services Team is responsible for:

  • Raising awareness of the program
  • Recruiting new potential DBE’s
  • Provide educational programming for potential and existing DBE's
  • Establishing and maintaining inter-agency relationships
  • Partnering with FAA and FTA sister agencies to meet their own DBE needs and maximize DBE contracting opportunities
  • Maintaining an awareness of ongoing projects for EOD staff and DBE firms so we may all work to maximize contracting opportunities for our DBE’s

We also sponsor educational events for current and potential DBEs to help prepare their companies to successfully compete in the transportation marketplace. Our current provider of educational and developmental services to the Indiana DBE population is the Construction Estimating Institute (CEI). They provide training and assistance to multiple states and private industry. For a full look at their services, you may access their website at www.estimating.org. If you would like to access the dedicated page for Indiana DBEs, including the many capability statements CEI has assisted Indiana DBEs in developing, please see www.indbesupport.com. Please note, all services provided by CEI are free of charge to Indiana based DBEs.


How to find INDOT RFPs:

How to Find INDOT Contracting Opportunities:

Other Available Trainings:

Other INDOT Training Opportunities

INDOT also offers multiple courses in transportation related fields. For a listing of those offerings please use the links below

EOD Quarterly Newsletter

Events related to the DBE Community will be posted here:    

If you have a DBE or related event and would like our participation, support, or for us to publicize it, please contact us (see below). 

DBE Partners

Our group partners with multiple agencies and organizations that offer opportunities and resources that can be utilized by our DBE community.  While not an exhaustive list, please use the following link to see who some of those partners are and what opportunities they can offer to your business:

More details on DBE partners

If you would like to partner with our office to further the DBE community, please let us know!

Contact Information

Sean Howard
Supportive Services Coordinator Lead
P: 317-416-5470

Taryn "Sissy" Guynn
Supportive Services Coordinator
P: 317-416-5390

Katie Daniels
OJT Supportive Services
P: 317-233-2412

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