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IPDC Scholarships and Awards Donation Page

Each year, IPDC provides a worthy candidate with a scholarship or award to be used for professional or personal development.  Scholarships and awards come from donated funds received from members and from those interested in improving the quality of public defense.  Below are donation forms to use to donate to one of our worthwhile scholarships or awards.  Please use the form below of click the image to be routed to IPDC's donation page.

2024 Criminal Code Books--Coming Soon!!

Pocket Sized 2024 Indiana Criminal Code Books--Coming Soon!!

When the 2024 Code Books are ready to purchase, you can do so by logging into the Members Page, go to the "Publications & Items for purchase" tab and search for the "(PREORDER) 2024 Criminal Code Books" to purchase a copy of the 2024 Criminal Code Book.  Code books purchased will be shipped once the code books arrive from the printer.

Password Reset for Members

Membership services are now managed by the Salesforce platform.  in order to reset your password, please go to and click “Forgot Your Password?”  You will be able to reset your password from that page.

What is my Username?

Your Username for the Salesforce membership site is your email address followed by "ipdc"  Example: <--don't forget this last portion.  

What if I do not know my Username?

If you are not unsure about your Username, please email

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If you are having trouble logging in to the member's site, just email the PDC Helpdesk for help with re-setting your password.

Juvenile Justice

Information for Youth and Parents

Finding yourself or your child involved in the juvenile justice system can be a difficult experience.  Things may happen quickly, words may be used that are confusing, and you may not feel comfortable asking questions along the way.  As a party to a juvenile delinquency case, you are entitled to know and understand the process.  The following information may be helpful to you as you learn more about the juvenile justice system.

Please Click Here to learn more about the Juvenile Justice System in Indiana, how it works, and what your and your child's rights are.

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