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Indiana's Court Interpreter Program: Providing Fair & Open Access to Everyone

May 22, 2015 | Court Times

¿Entiende usted que se le está acusando de un delito?

Confused? Can you recognize one or two words?

Indiana courts face new challenges as limited English proficient (LEP) individuals appear before them. As more people from South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe call Indiana home, an unavoidable result is the increase of newly settled residents in our civil and criminal courts. Indiana's largest influx of immigrants has been the Hispanic/Latino population.

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Teen dating abuse: What you need to know

May 21, 2015 | Court Times

The words "teen dating" usually bring to mind awkward silences, shy smiles, and high school proms. But for some adolescents and teens, dating also involves behaviors that the court system would recognize as stalking, battering, or worse.

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