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Latest News & Headlines

Public Admonition of Fremont Town Court Judge

Feb 9, 2015 | Press Release

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications has issued a Public Admonition to Fremont Town Court Judge Martha C. Hagerty. The Admonition is the result of Judge Hagerty assuming the role of prosecutor, permitting traffic ticket deferral payments to be sent directly to the court (rather than to the prosecutor) and engaging in ex parte communication (speaking with only one side of a case).

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Supreme Court Budget Presentation

Feb 3, 2015 | Announcement

The Indiana Supreme Court budget presentation to the House Ways & Means Committee is February 3, 2015, 9:00 - 9:45 a.m., Statehouse Room 404. The presenters on behalf of the Court are Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush, Justice Steven H. David, Judge Paul D. Mathias, and Judicial Center Executive Director Jane A. Seigel. They intend to focus on 3 areas: Court Technology, Criminal Code Reform, and Court Access Programs.

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