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at risk youth

Commission Issues Request for Proposals

Proposals to make systemic improvements to benefit Indiana's at-risk youth and families sought.

Click HERE to read the Request for Proposals

Welcome to the Public Defender Commission

Since 1989, the Indiana Public Defender Commission has served to create standards for public defense services in Indiana Counties that choose to uphold those standards in exchange for a partial reimbursement of county expenses in non-capital cases. The Commission also provides standards and partial reimbursement to all counties in capital (death penalty) cases.

There are three separate state agencies that provide support to Indiana's county-based public defense system. The agencies and their primary duties are listed below.

News and Announcements

Announcement (12/30/21):

The Commission has approved changes to the guidelines that accompany Standard G (Compensation) and to Standard J (Caseloads). The changes will be effective January 1, 2024. Please click here for an explanation of the Commission's decision and to read the revised guideline and standard.

2022 Reimbursement Request Due Dates and Commission Meeting Dates:

QuarterReimbursement Requests DueCommission Meeting Date
4QMonday, February 14Wednesday, March 23
1QSunday, May 15Wednesday, June 15
2QMonday, August 14Wednesday, September 21
3QMonday, November 14Wednesday, December 14

Commission meetings begin at 2 p.m. Eastern and comply with The Indiana Open Door Law (IC § 5-14-1.5). Meetings are held at the Commission Office (309 W. Washington Street, Suite 501, Indianapolis, IN, 46204), unless otherwise stated on the meeting notice and agenda. The public is invited to attend in person or via electronic means permitted under IC § 5-14-1.5-3.6, excluding any Executive Sessions that may be scheduled as permitted under IC § 5-14-1.5-6.1. To view the Commission’s Electronic Meeting Policy, click here.

Notice of Executive Sessions & meetings will be posted at the entrance to the Commission Office (309 W. Washington Street, Suite 501, Indianapolis, IN, 46204) and posted on this site at least 48 hours in advance. Meeting materials and agendas will be posted at least 24 hours in advance.

Complaint About a Judicial Officer

If you have a complaint about your public defender, please contact the local Chief Public Defender or head of your local Public Defender Board to report the issues. If you feel the attorney violated their Rules of Professional Conduct you should contact the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission to formally file your complaint. The Indiana Public Defender Commission cannot prosecute public defender misconduct.

If you believe your judge improperly denied you an attorney and your county receives Commission reimbursement please contact us.  If you believe your judge has violated the Code of Judicial Conduct, you should contact the Judicial Qualifications Commission to file a complaint.