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Contract Compliance

INDOT’s Contract Compliance Program is responsible for and committed to ensuring that contractors are in compliance with a number of federal and state rules and regulations as well as certain contract specifications. Some of the major programs and initiatives we support include:

  • FHWA 1391 Report
  • Submission of the FHWA 1391 Report is required from each prime contractor, subcontractor, and haulers (not including material suppliers) holding a federal-aid highway construction contract in excess of $10,000.00.
  • If no work is performed during the reporting period a FHWA 1391 Report still must be submitted with “No Activity” selected.
  • DBE Utilization Goals
  • DBE Goal Attainment
    • Evaluates and tracks actual DBE participation upon contract completion.
  • Workforce Diversity
    • Ensures contractors and subcontractors working on INDOT projects comply with nondiscrimination and affirmative action requirements relating to the recruitment, training and promotion of their workforce.
  • On-the-Job Training (“OJT”)
  • OJT Supportive Services
    • Provides skills training to women, minorities, and disadvantaged persons through a strategic partnership with Vincennes University that consists of Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”) Training and Job Placement Program.
  • Change in DBE Utilization
  • DBE Goal Attainment (DBE 3)
  • Prompt Payment 
    • Ensures contractors pay their contract partners in a timely manner for satisfactory performance of their work.
    • Prime contractors are required to pay their subcontractors within 10 business days of being paid by INDOT.
    • Please submit any prompt payment concerns to Promptpayment@indot.IN.gov
  • Subcontractor Payment Tracking System (SPT)
    • Prime contractors are required to report their payments into the Subcontractor Payment Tracking System (SPT) by the 10th of the following month that a payment has been made.  They are required to record payments made to all subcontractors, and all DBE, MBE, WBE, and IVOSB firms that have been approved by the Department.  
    • Beginning with the July 08, 2020 letting all subcontractors and DBE, MBE, WBE, and IVOSB firms approved by the Department shall verify all payments made to them via the SPT system by the 20th of the month that a payment has been received.
    • Link to RSP 108-C-264 Subcontractor Payment Verification: https://www.in.gov/dot/div/contracts/standards/rsp/sep19/100/108-C-264%20200601.pdf
    • Prime contractors now have the ability to record payments made by their subcontractors to DBE, MBE, WBE, and IVOSB firms approved by the Department and those firms can verify those payments.
    • For federally funded contracts all DBE haulers, lease, supplier firms shall be entered into the SPT system and payments verified.
    • For 100% state funded contracts all MBE, WBE, and IVOSB haulers, lease, supplier firms shall be entered into the SPT system and payments verified.
    • SPT Help document
    • Subcontractor Payment Tracking System (“SPT”) 
  • Labor Compliance (Davis-Bacon and Related Acts)
    • Ensures contractors pay their employees prevailing wage and fringe benefit rates for specified classifications of work.




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Katie Daniels
Senior Contract Compliance Specialist & OJT Lead
P: 317-914-2832

Deneane Goodson
Contract Compliance Specialist
P: 317-914-2906

Carri Burke
Contract Compliance Specialist
P: 317-273-3586

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