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Public Hearing Dates

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Public Hearings



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Overview and Logistics
As required by Indiana law, a public hearing will be held to allow for comments from community members about Full Application submissions. The ICSB public hearings are attended by ICSB staff members. Local media and the local school corporation will be notified of each scheduled hearing. Prior to the public hearings, community members may download Full Application submissions from the ICSB website. Applications are posted on the ICSB website approximately one week following the application deadline. Copies of Full Applications will not be distributed at public hearings.

The purpose of the public hearing is for ICSB representatives to hear comments from community members about the potential impact of the proposed charter school(s) upon the community. The hearing in not a Q & A session with ICSB representatives or applicant groups. In addition, the hearing is not a forum to discuss other public school options (whether district or charter) in the community. Members of the community may come prepared to make comments about the proposed charter school(s) based upon information contained within the Full Application, posted on the ICSB website.

The format for each regional public hearing consists of the following: first, ICSB staff members describe the format for the hearing. Next, applicant representatives are invited to provide a brief overview of their proposal. Please note that applicant representatives are not required to provide any such overview. Finally, members of the public are invited to make comments to ICSB representatives about each application. All individuals who wish to make comments during the hearing must sign in at the start of the hearing. Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes. Based on the number of person(s) who wish to speak, ICSB reserves the right to decrease the time limit of comments.

Email Your Public Comments
In addition to, or in lieu of, attending public hearings, community members are invited to submit public comments via email to the following address: charter-applications@icsb.in.gov. Please note that all emails are subject to Indiana's Public Access Laws, including public records requests. All emails will be submitted to ICSB Board members for their review. In your email, please indicate the name of the proposed charter school about which you are commenting, and indicate whether you are in favor of or opposed to the school.