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The Public Involvement Process

Public Involvement Process

At INDOT, public involvement is done by our district to promote a better connection and relationship with the citizens in each area of the state. We continue to be dedicated to listening to Hoosiers and encourage them to share their thoughts with us.

Check out the links below to learn about how projects go through INDOT's public involvement process.

Public Hearings

Public hearings are formal, federally required meetings. Hearings must be documented, require an official transcript to be produced, and are subject to other specific requirements. Hearings are held to help with decision making during the project development phase.

Public Meetings

Public meetings can be held at any time, for any purpose, and at INDOT’s discretion. In general, public meetings and hearings both feature formal presentations, a public comment session, and a project display area where project officials explain details in an informal setting.

Open Houses

INDOT hosts open houses to solicit public comment on proposed projects before the projects are programmed and funded. Open houses are a part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), a federally mandated four-year planning document. Open-house events include a brief presentation about project ideas, and provide time for stakeholders to have one-on-one conversations with program officials from INDOT.

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