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Indiana Department of Transportation

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English Section 800 - Effective 9/03/2013

Indiana Department of Transportation

INDOT >  Doing Business with INDOT >  Standards & Specifications >  Standard Drawings >  September 2015 >  English Drawings Revised & New

100 - 300
400, 500
Revised & New Drawings
Effective 09/01/15

Effective for Lettings on or after September 1, 2015
English Standard Drawings--Revised and New

Last Updated: 4/2/15

Drawing Series & Numbers
Drawing Title
Eff. Date
E 402-NVUF

E 402-NVUF-01
E 402-NVUF-02

Nonmotorized-Vehicle-Use Facility, HMA Pavement

Pavement Section (deleted 09/01/15)
Pavement Section on Abandoned-Railroad Corridor (deleted 09/01/15)

E 502-NVUF

E 502-NVUF-01

Non-Motorized Vehicle Use Facility PCCP Pavement Section

Pavement Section (rev. 09/01/15)

Revision Notes
E 604-CCSJ

E 604-CCSJ-01

Sidewalk Expansion Joint

Sidewalk Expansion Joint, Silicone Joint (rev. 09/01/15, editorial only)

Revision Notes
E 604-NVUF

E 604-NVUF-01
E 604-NVUF-02

Nonmotorized-Vehicle-Use Facility, HMA Pavement

Pavement Section (new 09/01/15; renumbered, prev E 402-NVUF-01)
Pavement Section on Abandoned-Railroad Corridor (new 09/01/15; renumbered, prev
E 402-NVUF-02)

Revision Notes
E 703-BRST

E 703-BRST-01

Bridge Reinforcing Steel

Bar Bending Details (rev. 09/01/15)

Revision Notes
E 805-SGSC

E 805-SGSC-01
E 805-SGSC-02
E 805-SGSC-03
E 805-SGSC-04

Signal Poles and Cables

Guy Alignment and Anchor Bolt Orientation (rev. 09/03/13, editorial only)
Signal Strain Pole, Steel, Foundation Details (rev. 09/03/13)
Span and Catenary Attachment (rev. 09/03/13)
Span, Catenary & Tether Detail (rev. 09/01/15)

Revision Notes
E 808-DLIM

E 808-DLIM-01
E 808-DLIM-02
E 808-DLIM-03
E 808-DLIM-04
E 808-DLIM-05
E 808-DLIM-06

Dotted Line Markings

Drawing Index and General Notes (new 09/01/15)
Freeway Acceleration Lanes (new 09/01/15)
Freeway Deceleration Lanes (new 09/01/15)
Freeway Short Auxiliary Lanes and Lane Drops (new 09/01/15)
Route Split With Dedication Lanes (new 09/01/15)
Lane Drops At Intersections (new 09/01/15)

E 808-MKPM

E 808-MKPM-01
E 808-MKPM-02
E 808-MKPM-03
E 808-MKPM-04
E 808-MKPM-05
E 808-MKPM-06

Markings Pavement

Roundabout Traffic Arrows (new 09/01/15)
Turn Arrows (rev. 09/01/15)
Word Messages "ONLY" and "X-ING" (rev. 09/01/15)
Word Messages "SCHOOL" (rev. 09/01/15)
Yield Lines (new 09/01/15)
Pavement Marking for Railroad Crossings (rev. 09/01/15)

Revision Notes
E 808-MKRM

E 808-MKRM-01
E 808-MKRM-02
E 808-MKRM-03
E 808-MKRM-04
E 808-MKRM-05
E 808-MKRM-06
E 808-MKRM-07
E 808-MKRM-08
E 808-MKRM-09
E 808-MKRM-10
E 808-MKRM-11

Markings Raised Pavement Markers

Drawing Index and General Notes (new 09/01/15)
Freeway Exit Ramp Gore Area (rev. 09/01/15)
Freeway Enterance Ramps (rev. 09/01/15)
Freeway Exit Ramp (rev. 09/01/15, editorial only)
Clover Leaf Freeway Exit Ramps (rev. 09/01/15)
Clover Leaf Entrance Ramps (rev. 09/01/15)
Tapered Freeway Entrance Lanes (rev. 09/01/15)
Parallel Freeway Entrance Lanes (rev. 09/01/15)
Placement of Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers (rev. 09/01/15, editorial only)
Raised Pavement Marker Cast Metal Base, Type 1 (deleted 09/01/15)
Raised Pavement Markers Cast Metal Base, Type 2 (deleted 09/01/15)

Revision Notes