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Stellar Communities Program

It is official! On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Culver Town Manager, Jonathan Leist received a phone call from Lt. Governor Susan Crouch congratulating him and the community of Culver for earning the 2017 Stellar Communities Designation for division 2.

Check out our video on what makes Culver a Stellar Town Year Round Here:

Current Stellar Project Updates and Progress Report

Culver Stellar Communities Housing Application Awarded Funding for “The Paddocks”.

The Town of Culver is pleased to announce that the town-supported application for the Paddocks has been awarded Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority tax credit funding. This is the next step in Culver’s ongoing effort to support local employers by increasing housing options and ensuring their employees can live and work in Culver.

The application was submitted by local developer Kevin Berger, owner of Easterday Construction in Culver, with support from the Culver Town Council. The housing development will include a total of 48 new units of workforce housing. Included in the mix of units will be 36 three-bedroom units and 12 two-bedroom units. The Paddocks will be constructed on Cavalier Drive, across the street and neighboring the new apartment building currently under construction, Sand Hill Farm. The Paddocks will feature a split of townhomes and apartments, with the townhomes being entered into a rent-to-own program for qualifying residents. These units will require income-based rents as established by the office of Housing and Urban Development.

Additional information, including site plans, can be found here: The Paddocks Site Info.

Updated Paddocks Construction Pictures: Visit the developer’s Facebook page at for up-to-date pictures. A local certificate of occupancy was issued by the Town of Culver and the Marshall County building department for the first apartment building at the Paddocks – 8 new units are now accepting applications from potential residents (pictured below), with the first set of townhomes (below second picture, also 8 units) expected to start accepting new residents by December 1.

Beach Lodge Updates:

Construction is completed and the building is open to the public under COVID-19 guidelines.

Proposed Route Update (October 2019)

Detailed closeups of the trail route section by section are available here: Lake Max Trails Phase 2 Exhibit-reduced.

If you have any questions about the trail, please contact Jonathan Leist, town manager at 842-3140. A larger image is available here: Lake Max Trail Project Location. This project is expected to complete the design phase by the end of March 2021, and go out to public bid in July 2021, to start construction fall of 2021.

A preliminary design is complete for the State Road 10 sidewalk project, which is currently scheduled for bidding in January 2021, with construction scheduled for the spring/summer of 2021.

Worth noting is that during the planning phase, INDOT staff have agreed to the town’s request to lower the speed limit from 45 mph to 35 mph on a portion of SR 10, and will allow for the removal of acceleration and deceleration lanes on the south side of the road to facilitate sidewalk construction.

Stage 1 Plans are available for viewing here:

State Road 10 Sidewalks – Stage 1 Plans

A more viewer-friendly version of the plans are available here:

State R10 Sidewalks Exhibit-reduced

West Jefferson Streetscape

Proposed sidewalk, trail, and street improvements on West Jefferson Street are provided here:

W Jefferson Exhibit-reduced

Launched in Indiana in 2011, the Stellar Communities Designation Program is a multi-agency partnership designed to recognize Indiana’s smaller communities that have identified comprehensive community and economic development projects and activities as well as next steps and key partnerships.

Through annual designation, the Stellar Communities Designation Program provides resources for transformative quality of place community improvements by:

  • Utilizing previous planning efforts
  • Leveraging existing assets
  • Fostering regional investments
  • Stimulating continued growth for long-term relevance

Culver has prospered through this Program’s implementation. Click here to learn more about Indiana’s Stellar Program.

Stellar Timelines and Project Updates

The Stellar Communities Designation lasts for four years, and we anticipate completing all of our Stellar projects (Beach Lodge Renovation, Lake Maxinkuckee Trail, Cavalier Park, Lake Maxinkuckee Programming, West Jefferson Street Gateway, Sand Hill Farms Housing Phase II, and SR 10 Sidewalks) during that four year period.

It is anticipated that INDOT-funded projects (Lake Maxinkuckee Trail, West Jefferson Street Gateway, and SR 10 Sidewalks) will begin construction in the late spring or early summer for Jefferson and SR 10, and fall of 2021 for Lake Max Trail.

OCRA-funded projects (Beach Lodge and Cavalier Park) are completed!

Stellar Communities Committee meetings are now called on a needed basis, with individual project meetings occurring regularly.

Documents on the Stellar Communities program will be uploaded as necessary.

You can also view Culver Stellar Communities Strategic Investment Plan.

Find out more about why we want to be a “Stellar Town Year Round” here in Culver! Regular updates on our Stellar Communities program can be found on the following pages:

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