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Stellar Communities Designation Program

Launched in 2011, the Stellar Communities Designation Program is a multi-agency partnership designed to recognize Indiana's smaller communities that have identified comprehensive community and economic development projects and activities as well as next steps and key partnerships.

Through annual designation the Stellar Communities Designation Program provides resources for transformative quality of place community improvements by:

  • Utilizing previous planning efforts
  • Leveraging existing assets
  • Fostering regional investments
  • Stimulating continued growth for long-term relevance

Stellar Communities was recognized nationally as a premier community development program when it received the 2012 President's Award for Innovation from the Council of State Community Development Agencies (COSCDA).

To date, more than 60 communities have participated in the process; 25 have completed Strategic Investment Plans, and 12 have received the Stellar Communities Designation. 

Stellar Communities Designees:

  • 2011: Greencastle & North Vernon
  • 2012: Delphi & Princeton
  • 2013: Bedford & Richmond  
  • 2014: Huntingburg & Wabash
  • 2015: D1 - Crawfordsville & D2 - North Liberty
  • 2016: D1 - Corydon & D2 - Rushville

The Sagamore Institute has been engaged to investigate and provide an ongoing report on the lessons learned and successes of this program. Their reports can be found at

Questions about the program may be emailed to the Stellar Team:

2017 Stellar Communities Designation Program Dates
  • 4/28/17                  Stellar LOI's Due
  • 5/24/17                 Stellar Finalists Announced
  • 8/25/17                  Stellar SIP's Due
  • 9/19/17                  Stellar Site Visit
  • 9/21/17                  Stellar Site Visit
  • 9/27/17                  Stellar Site Visit
  • 9/29/17                  Stellar Site Visit
  • 10/3/17                  Stellar Site Visit
  • 10/5/17                  Stellar Site Visit
  • 10/18/17                Stellar Designees Announced
  • 10/25/17                Stellar Celebration
  • 11/8/17                  Stellarbration Division II
  • 11/15/17                Stellarbration Division I
  • 11/28/17                Stellar Kick Off Meeting
  • 11/29/17                Stellar Kick Off Meeting​