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Public Mass Transportation Fund


The Indiana State Legislature established the Public Mass Transportation Fund (I.C. 8-23-3-8) to promote and develop transportation in Indiana. The funds are allocated to public transit systems on a performance based formula. (PMTF Formula)

Eligible Recipients

An eligible recipient is defined as any transit system that receives federal funds under the Federal Transit Act and provides public transportation in Indiana.

Eligible Activities

  • Operating Project Grants
    Operating Grants provide assistance for the operations of the transit service.
  • Capital Project Grants
    Capital projects generally include expenses for purchasing vehicles, communication equipment, fare boxes, passenger shelters, and construction of and rehabilitation of transit facilities.
  • CY 2022 Funding
    Actual funding level for 2023: $45 Million

Contact Information

Brian Jones
Public Transit Program Manager
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., Room N758-MM
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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