Certified Technician Program Information

INDOT developed the Certified Technician Program (CTP) as a means to increase the number of experienced professionals able to perform construction contract inspections.
The Certified Technician Program is comprised of six areas of certification, with each exam lasting 3 hours:

  • Bridge Construction and Deck Repair
  • Construction Earthworks
  • Concrete Paving
  • Construction Procedures 1
  • Construction Procedures 2
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Paving

Starting with the January 1993 Highway Letting, persons performing the daily onsite inspection for any federally funded Local Public Agency (LPA) project must meet one of the following criteria:

  • a licensed Professional Civil Engineer
  • a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from an accredited university
  • or certified under INDOT's Certified Technician Program

Qualifications & Training

To qualify through the CTP, the individual must be certified in the specific subject area (one of the six courses listed above) related to the type of work that comprises 50% or more of the total work to be done on the project.  For example, certification in Bridge Construction and Deck Repair would be required for bridge projects.  Certification is obtained by passing the applicable CTP course exams with a score of 70 or higher.  All individuals will be notified by either phone or e-mail with the results of their exam. 

All training manuals are available on the Technical & Other Programs  page.  The Indiana Standards Specification manual is also used as supplemental material for the exams.

The examinee is allowed to use the course manual and INDOT's Standards Specifications manual during the exam. If an individual does not pass the test, they may retest 30 days from their the original exam date.

Beginning July 26, 2013, INDOT will charge $100 per exam. Please visit the Certified Technician Program Testing Calendar for information about exam dates, how to register, and testing location.

Contact Information

Jennifer Bennett
CTP Coordinator
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 755
Indianapolis, IN 46204