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OALP Jurisdiction

The following State Agencies have a separate review process for administrative decisions and are not subject to the jurisdiction of the OALP:

  • Department of Workforce Development
  • Unemployment Insurance Review Board
  • Worker’s Compensation Board
  • Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
  • Department of Revenue
  • Department of Local Government Finance
  • Board of Tax Review
  • Natural Resources Commission
  • Office of Environmental Adjudication
  • Indiana Education Employment Relations Board
  • State Employees Appeals Commission

Below is an informational table displaying those agencies subject to OALP jurisdiction.  

Note that each agency follows its own unique statutes, rules, and regulations associated with the type of administrative case being heard. You may use the following links to assist your research:

AgencyType of CasesUltimate AuthorityLinks and Resources
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Driver’s License Suspensions Due to Fraudulent Activity, an Out of State Conviction, or Excessive Points
  • Hardship Waivers
  • Driver Education Licenses
  • Salvage Titles
  • Violations of the Driver License Compact
  • Revocation or Invalidation of a License for Medical Reasons
  • Personalized License Plates
BMV CommissionerBMV Homepage -
Criminal Justice Institute
  • Victims Compensation Fund Application and Exoneration Fund Application

Varies by Action

  • ICJI Board of Trustees
  • ICJI Director
CJI Homepage -
Department of Administration
  • Minority Business Enterprise and Women’s Business Enterprise Certification
  • Governor’s Commission on Supplier Diversity
IDOA Homepage -
Department of Child Services
  • Child Protection Index Allegations
  • Foster Home Licenses
  • Adoption and Guardianship Assistance
  • Child Support
  • Contract Rate Disputes
  • Collaborative Care Program
DCS Director

DCS Homepage -

DCS Polices -

Notice of Processes for DCS Proceedings -

Department of Education
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • Summer Lunch Program
  • Teacher’s Licenses

Varies by Action

  • DOE Superintendent
  • State Board of Education
DOE Homepage -
Department of Financial Institutions
  • Mortgage Loan Originator Licenses
  • Rental Purchase Agreements and UCC
  • Debt Management Company Licenses
  • Bank Holding Companies Plan of Exchange
  • Pawn Broker Licenses
  • Money Transmitter License
  • Check Cashier License
  • Violations of the Uniform Consumer Credit Code
  • Advance Payment Licenses
Governing Members Board

DFI Homepage -

DFI Legal Resources:

DFI Polices:

Department of Homeland Security
  • Emergency Medical Personnel Licenses
  • Firefighting Certifications
  • Individual or Public Assistance Fund
  • Construction Design Releases and Sanctions
  • Statewide Fire and Building Safety  Education Fund
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Industrialized Building System Design Releases and Sanctions
  • Variance Sanctions
  • Sanctions Regarding Seal of Acceptance by Third Party Inspection Agencies
  • Design Releases
  • Duplication of State Rules
  • Local Design Releases
  • Amusement Device Inspection Seals
  • Firefighting and Emergency Equipment Revolving Loan Fund
  • Boiler or Pressure Vessel Use

Varies by Action

  • Board of Firefighting Personnel Education and Standards
  • Emergency Medical Services Commission
  • Fire Prevention and Building Safety Board
  • DHS Director
DHS Homepage –
Department of Insurance
  • Insurance Carrier Licenses, Violations and Penalties
  • Domestic Insurer Exemptions
  • Suspensions of Alien or Foreign  Company Authority
DOI CommissionerDOI Homepage -
Department of Labor
  • Safety Orders
  • Failures to Correct Violations
  • Modifications of Abatement
  • Right to Work
  • Summary Suspensions

Varies by Action

  • Board of Safety Review
  • Mining Board
  • Indiana Occupational Safety Standards Commission
  • DOL Director
DOL Homepage -
Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Tuition and Fee Exemptions for Children of Veterans
  • Military Family Relief Fund
  • Veteran Service Grant
DVA DirectorDVA Homepage -
Family and Social Services Administration
  • Medicaid – Pharmacy Audits, surveillance and Utilization Review Audit, and Provider Program Eligibility
  • Rate Determination
  • Termination and Payment Suspension
  • Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services – Community Integration Habilitation Waiver and Eligibility
  • Intermediate Care Facilities
  • Budget Modification Requests by Providers
  • Division of Mental Health and Addiction – Licensing
  • Transfer to a More Restrictive Environment
  • Outpatient Revocation
  • Division of Aging - Residential Care Assistance Program Eligibility
  • Medicaid
  • SNAP
  • TANF
  • Licensing for Child Care Homes and Centers
  • Tax Intercept
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Pre-Admission Screening (PAS/PASRR)
  • Prior Authorization appeals - whether filed by the patient or provider
  • All FSSA Waiver appeals
  • CCDF (Child Care Development Fund) appeals
  • Right Choices Program / Restricted Card
  • Behavioral and Primary Healthcare Coordination (BPHC) /DMHA Denial Notification
  • MA 4 (IV-E Foster Care) or MA 8 (IV-Adoption Assistance)
  • Medically Frail status
  • HIP co-payments and/or cost sharing
  • Gateway to Work (GTW) referral status
  • EBT Adjustment disputes
FSSA SecretaryFSSA Homepage -
Horse Racing Commission
  • Horse Racing Personnel Licenses
  • Sanctions and Disciplinary Actions
  • Summary Suspensions
  • Satellite Facility License
Horse Racing Commission

HRC Homepage –

HRC Rules -

Indiana Civil Rights Commission
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Equal Access to Housing for People with Disabilities
  • Emotional Support Animals in Housing
  • Access to Public Accommodation
  • Employment Opportunities
Indiana Civil Rights CommissionICRC Homepage -
Indiana State Department of Toxicology
  • Ignition Interlock Device Model Certifications
  • Testing Orders
  • Temporary Orders
ISDT DirectorISDT Homepage -
Indiana Department of Transportation
  • Relocation of Utility Facilities
  • Final Utility Work Plans
  • Construction of Rail-Highway Grade Crossing
  • Railroad Clearance Distances
  • Sign Permits and Nuisances
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Certificates
  • Highway Permits
INDOT CommissionerINDOT Homepage -
Indiana Gaming Commission
  • Ejection or exclusion of a Person from a Gaming Facility
  • Gaming Operation and Personnel Licenses
  • Rehabilitation Waivers
  • Revocations on behalf of the Department of Revenue or Alcohol and Tobacco Commission
  • Trustee Gambling Operation Licenses
  • Boxing Licenses
  • Boxing Operation Licenses
  • Summary Suspensions
  • Seizure of a Gambling Device
  • Charity Game License
  • Fantasy Sport Licenses
Indiana Gaming Commission

IGC Homepage -

IGC Statutes and Rules -

Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency
  • Cease and Desist Actions
  • Grain Buyer or Grain Warehouse Licenses
  • Temporary Actions
  • Approval of Claims Against Licensee Actions
Indiana State Department of Agriculture DirectorIGBWLA Homepage -
Indiana  Department of Health
  • Certified Nurse Aid Licenses and Sanctions
  • Involuntary Transfers
  • Abortion Clinic Enforcement Action
  • Children with Special Health Care Needs Program
  • Mobile Home Community or Campground Public Health Actions
  • Home Health Agency and Aide Actions
  • Health Facility Licenses
  • WIC Establishment License
  • HIV Medical Services
  • Hospital or Ambulatory Outpatient Surgical Center Licenses
  • Lead-Based Contractor Licenses
  • Infectious Waste Violations
  • Universal Precautions Violations
  • Food Safety at Food Establishment Actions
  • Radiological Technician Licenses and Actions

Varies by Action

  • Indiana Dept. of Health Executive Board / Appeals Panel
  • Indiana Dept. of Health Executive Director
Indiana Department of Health's Homepage -
Indiana State Police
  • Firearms Licenses
ISP SuperintendentISP Homepage -
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
  • Officer Certifications
Law Enforcement Training BoardILEA Homepage –
Office of Community and Rural Affairs
  • Debarment of a Person from participating in OCRA Programs
OCRA DirectorOCRA Homepage -
Secretary of State
  • Automobile Dealer Licenses and Sanctions
  • Continuing Care Retirement Facility Registrations
  • Franchise Exemptions
  • Collection Agency Licenses
  • Loan Broker Licenses
  • Sanctions and Violations
  • General Securities Violations
  • Summary Suspensions

Varies by Action

  • Securities Commissioner
  • Dealer Services Director
SOS Homepage -
State Board of Education
  • School Grading (A-F)
  • Choice Scholarship Waivers
  • Charter Grants
  • School Accreditation
State Board of EducationSBOE Homepage -
Treasurer of State
  • Indiana State Police Pension Trust
Treasurer of StateTOS Homepage -