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Protect the Queue

What is a queue?

The queue is the line of vehicles that is slowed or stopped due to a construction zone or road hazard.

In early 2020, INDOT launched a campaign committed to protecting the queue and making sure drivers are PREPARED TO STOP. The queue presents an increased risk to motorists and workers because of the speed differential between approaching traffic and traffic that is going through the work zone. Because of this, secondary crashes happen. Secondary crashes are crashes that occur within the queue (backup) that resulted from an original incident. More often than not, the secondary crashes are actually more hazardous than the original incident. Help us keep motorists like yourself safe by being PREPARED TO STOP.

How INDOT will Protect the Queue

To effectively protect the queue, INDOT will begin to provide queue trucks with warning signs ahead of certain back ups. Two queue trucks will work in conjunction with each other to provide maximum warning approximately 1/4 mile before the beginning of the queue. The queue truck operators will actively assess the queue and be able to move the trucks accordingly, providing maximum awareness. The trucks are equipped for visibilty all hours.

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