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Freight Studies

INDOT Freight and Studies

Indiana is a logistics state. The state is heavily dependent on freight movement due to its agricultural and manufacturing history as well as its strategic location astride regional, national, and international trade arteries. Freight has a significant impact on the state’s transportation network. INDOT is making an ongoing effort to understand the issues involved in freight operations, identify future needs, and to integrate freight mobility issues into the statewide plan. Two studies which identify freight needs and Intermodal connections are:

Commodity Flow Studies

In order to effectively plan for freight movement, it is necessary to understand the market forces that drive the shipping of goods along our transportation network. The Commodity Flow Studies were undertaken with the primary objective of creating a database of commodity flows into and out of the counties of Indiana and to allocate this commodity traffic to the state's transportation network.

Contact Information

Jay Mitchell
Long Range Planning-Transportation Planner
Indiana Department of Transportation, IGCN 955
100 N. Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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