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Troop Issue - Billeting

Welcome to Camp Atterbury

Troop Issue Billeting covers approximately 153 acres. Our mission is to provide timely, safe and sanitary facilities for soldiers and civilians conducting training at Camp Atterbury.

Features include:

  • Brigade/Battalion Headquarters/Supply Buildings
  • ASDs (Admin/Supply/Dining)
  • Barracks
  • Bachelor enlisted quarters (BOQs)
  • Classrooms
  • Maintenance buildings
  • Chapel
  • Parking areas

    The CA 350-1 request form encompasses troop issue facilities as well as contract meals, dumpster support and more. Contact to request the form and return the completed form by email with subject line: "Unit Name / CA 350-1."  Please call for more information and availability: 812-526-1499 Ext. 61401.

  • Units should have the same representative (NCO or higher) to draw and turn-in billets. A copy of the representative's military ID or a DA Form 1687 (Delegation of Authority) will be required. An inventory will be performed for each building with the unit representative and billeting representative if available.
  • Units will provide any expendable supplies, such as cleaning supplies and paper products.
  • Units will dispose all trash in dumpsters located at the QRP (recycle center) located on the east side of Durbin Street.
  • If your unit paid for a dumpster provided by the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) it is your responsibility to notify DPW when the dumpster is nearing capacity. Capacity defined as refuse being flush with dumpster top.
  • Units may not remove, change or alter furniture in facilities.

Reference: Army Facilities Management, AR 420-1

  • Download and complete the Issue and Clearance Checklist
  • Clearings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please set up a clearing date and time with our office in advance, either when you schedule or when you receive your billets.
  • Schedule clearings no later than 24-48 hours before your departure.
  • All clearings should be complete no later than 1400.
  • Before a clearing can commence, all personnel and equipment MUST be removed from the building(s) and the building(s) must be cleaned.
  • Once the clearing begins, the doors to the building(s) will be locked, and no one will be allowed to re-enter.
  • If the Billeting representative determines the billet(s) do not meet standards when clearing, they will inform the unit representative and the clearance will be rescheduled.
  • A hand receipt completed with a signature and copy will be provided once the building or buildings have been inventoried.

Reference: Army Facilities Management, AR 420-1

Contact Us

Billeting Troop Issue NCOIC

Ext. 61952

Troop Issue Scheduler

Ext. 61401

Office Clerk

Ext. 61705

Maintenance Issues

Building 132

Contact post maintenance for any off-hours maintenance issues, such as a clogged toilet, at the number above to contact on-call maintenance.

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