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Muscatatuck Cyber Program

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The Muscatatuck Cyber Program is a cyber-physical environment at the Muscatatuck Training Center (MuTC) in Southeast Indiana, that provides unique training opportunites on critical infrastructure, industrial control systems, and commercial communication systems – while also incorporating maneuver elements as part of multi-domain operations.

The Indiana National Guard operates and manages Muscatatuck Training Center (MuTC) in Butlerville, Indiana. The multi-domain training center is a premier advanced urban training facility used by the military, local, state and national agencies, civilians and international partners.

The range simulates a real-world environment across physical, logical and cyber-persona layers that can be used for research, development, testing, training and evaluation through the competition continuum.

The environment includes:

  • Physical metropolitan infrastructure
  • 1,000-acre urban and rural landscape
  • More than 190 brick-and-mortar structures
  • Roughly 1.5 million square feet under roof
  • 1.8 miles of subterranean tunnels
  • Cave complex
  • More than nine miles of roads
  • Managed airspace
  • 185-acre reservoir
  • Cyber electromagnetic activities range

The cyber-physical range consists of:

  • Controlled closed looped interdependent information technology networks
  • Operational technology networks
  • Telecommunications networks
  • Computer systems
  • Control systems embedded in physical infrastructure
  • Telecommunications/radio frequency networks across the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Cyber Range Operation Center
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Prison Complex
  • IOT Smart House
  • Traffic Signals
  • 3G/4G LTE Cellular
  • Spectrum Availability/Monitoring/Analysis
  • Advanced Mobile ICS Security Course
  • Virtual Networks
  • Social Media Environment Internet Replication (SMEIR)
  • On-Demand Training Scenarios
  • 5G Expansion
  • Electrical Micro-Grid
  • Cyber Physical Security

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