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Partner Events

The Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention (Partners) is an organization comprised of Indiana industries, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that volunteer for a public-private partnership with IDEM to promote pollution prevention and environmental stewardship in Indiana. Networking and training opportunities are hosted throughout the state on a quarterly basis, including an annual conference and tradeshow in September. To stay informed on Partner Events, sign up for notifications through GovDelivery.

Upcoming Events

  • December 10, 2021: Energy Savings Theme at Purdue University , West Lafayette hosted by Partners Executive Committee (in person, masks required)
    • Online registration opens November 22, 2021 -  December 7, 2021
    • Agenda [PDF]
      • Welcome with Introductions
      • Presentation from AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
      • Presentation and Panel Discussion from PSG Energy Group
      • Presentation from Indiana Chamber of Commerce and IURC
      • Partners Updates with New Inductions
      • IDEM Regulatory Updates

Quarterly Meetings and Annual Conference Presentations

The Partners invite speakers to make presentations at quarterly meetings and the annual conference. IDEM hosts this page for presentations and other written materials from speakers dating back to 2007. IDEM does not review or edit the content of those presentations and therefore does not endorse the content of any presentation posted on this page.


September 23, 2021 24th Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Tradeshow “Unmask Your Pollution Prevention Possibilities”
June 30, 2021 Partners Quarterly Meeting at Michigan City Sanitary District
April 14, 2021 Partners Quarterly Meeting at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals


September 16 & 17, 2020 23rd Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Tradeshow “Small Changes = Big Impacts”
  • 2020 P2 Conference Agenda [PDF]
  • Day One Morning Session [YouTube]
    • 8:50-14:00: Welcome – Ben McKnight, Partners Executive Director
    • 14:00-20:00: Commissioner’s Welcome – Bruno Pigott, IDEM Commissioner
    • 20:00-32:00: Partners Updates with New Member Inductions – Ben McKnight
    • 48:00-51:00: Welcome – Julia Wickard, Assistant Commissioner, IDEM Office of Program Support
    • 51:00-1:52:00: Keynote Speaker – Jean Waters, Business Sustainability Consultant Small Pollution Prevention Steps Result in Big Environmental Impact Reduction
    • 1:52:00-2:00:00: Group Photo on Zoom
  • Day One Afternoon Session [YouTube]
    • 00:00-16:45: Anjanette Downs, Director of Human Resources, MPI Small Parts, Inc. Doing Small Things at Small Parts
    • 16:45-33:30: Bill Khamis, CFO, Thursday Pools LLC PPP Provides Unexpected Catalyst for Ideas
    • 33:30-50:00: Stanley Ross, OT/Maintenance Manager, Donaldson Company, Inc. Reduction in Label and Tape Waster after Warehouse Management System Upgrade
    • 50:00-1:43:55: Kevin Conkright, Senior SHE Specialist, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Sphagnum Moss All-Natural Treatment System in Cooling Towers
  • Day Two Morning Session [YouTube]
    • 4:45-7:30: Welcome Day 2 – Ben McKnight, Partners Executive Director
    • 7:30-24:00: Governor’s Awards Presentation – Bruno Pigott, IDEM Commissioner
    • 24:00-1:38:55: Linda Lee, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN PFAS Characteristics and Challenges in Waste Management and Clean Potable Waters
  • Day Two Afternoon Session [YouTube]
    • 2:15-1:02:15: Michael Kuss, General Manager, Michigan City Sanitary District Aeration and Energy Savings
    • 1:02:15-2:07:05: Randy Braun, IDEM Office of Water Quality Wetlands & Stormwater Program Section Chief & Lori Gates, Senior Project Manager, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC NPDES Stormwater Program Updates & Key Compliance Tips

Each year the Partners Executive Committee offers $1,000 scholarships to three Indiana colleges and universities. Award recipients must be graduate or undergraduate students who are Indiana residents and are pursuing an environmental degree in industrial sustainability and/or pollution prevention in industry. The three students honored at the 2020 P2 Conference are:

March 4, 2020 Cummins, Inc., Seymour Engine Plant, Seymour

Historical Meeting Presentations

The following zipped files each contain a year’s worth of presentations. Many of them are quite large, over 20 megabytes (MB), and may take considerable time to download on slower internet connections.