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  • May 8, 2019: State Awards 200 Scholarships to Future Indiana Teachers, Press Release, List of Scholarship Recipients
  • May 3, 2019: Indiana’s Commission for Higher Education Meets in Indianapolis Monday, Media Advisory
  • May 2, 2019: Higher Education Roundup of Indiana’s 2019 Legislative Session,  Press Release 
  • May 2, 2019: State Helps Families Explore Career Options in Indiana’s High-Demand Industries, Press Release
  • April 24, 2019: State Helps Families Explore Career Options in Indiana’s High Demand Industries, Media Advisory 
  • April 9, 2019Commissioner Lubbers Delivers Annual State of Higher Education Address, Press ReleaseFull Address
  • April 2, 2019: Fewer Hoosier Students are College Bound, but more are College Ready, Press Release2019 College Readiness ReportReport Summary
  • March 27, 2019: State to Host FAFSA Filing Event in Indianapolis, Media Advisory
  • March 27, 2019: State Higher Ed Commission Now Accepting Applications for Faculty Commission Member, Press Release
  • March 13, 2019: Indiana's Commission for Higher Education Meets in Indianapolis Tomorrow, Media Advisory
  • February 27, 2019: State Higher Ed Commission Awards $10,000 to Indiana K-12 Schools, Press Release
  • February 20, 2019: State Higher Ed Commission Awards Over $130,000 to Local Organizations, Press ReleaseSchool and Community Engagement Grant Recipients
  • February 19, 2019: State Higher Ed Commission Announces Gerald Bepko Award Winners, Press Release
  • February 18, 2019: Early College Credit Leads to Success, Savings for Students and the State, Op-Ed 
  • February 13, 2019: Indiana’s Commission for Higher Education Meets in Indianapolis Tomorrow, Media Advisory
  • January 25, 2019: State Helps Hoosiers Get 'Cash for College', Press Release
  • January 14, 2019: More Hoosier Students are Earning College Credit in High School, Press Release
  • January 2, 2019: Deadline Extended to Apply for Student Teaching Stipends, Press Release


  • December 18, 2018: State Higher Ed Commission announces Stan Jones Award Winners, Press Release
  • December 12, 2018: Indiana's Commission for Higher Education meets in Indianapolis tomorrow. Media Advisory
  • November 26, 2018: Deadline approaches to apply for Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship, Press Release 
  • November 7, 2018: Indiana's Commission for Higher Education Meets in Evansville Tomorrow, Media Advisory 
  • September 11, 2018: Indiana's Higher Education Commission Meets in Bloomington Tomorrow, Press Release
  • September 5, 2018: Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship Application Opens Today, Press Release
  • August 28, 2018: New Documentary Highlights Indiana's Most Dynamic Industries, Press Release
  • August 22, 2018: Yvonne Heflin receives Distinguished Hoosier Award, Press Release 
  • August 9, 2018: Second Gallup-Indiana survey shows Hoosier graduates believe college is worth it, Press Release
  • August 8, 2018: Indiana's higher education commission meets in Muncie tomorrow, Media Advisory
  • August 6, 2018: State higher ed commission names two new associate commissioners, Press Release
  • August 2, 2018: Indiana on track to close college achievement gap, Press Release
  • July 24, 2018: Indiana Commission for Higher Education earns first place in PESC competition, Press Release
  • July 16, 2018: Indiana college graduation rates reach all-time high, Press Release
  • July 11, 2018: Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education receives SHEEO excellence award, Press Release
  • June 25, 2018: Deadline Approaches for 21st Century Scholars Enrollment, Press Release
  • June 14, 2018: New data indicate more Indiana high school students are ready for college, Press Release
  • May 1, 2018: State awards 200 scholarships to future Indiana teachers, Press Release
  • April 9, 2018: Commissioner aims to restore confidence in higher education during annual address, Press Release, Full Text
  • March 15, 2018: State warns students not to miss April 15 deadline for college financial aid, Press Release
  • March 12, 2018: Streamlined college degrees save Hoosiers $35 million annually,” Press Release
  • February 12, 2018: One in four Indiana college students transfers before graduating,” Press Release
  • January 24, 2018: Indiana helps Hoosiers get “Cash for College,” Press Release


  • December 20, 2017: Online Registry Will Drive More Informed Higher Education Decisions, Op-Ed.
  • December 11, 2017: Indiana to Announce Initiative to Help Students and Employers Make More Informed Higher Education Decisions, Media Advisory.
  • November 21, 2017: Banded tuition pays off for Hoosier families, Op-Ed.
  • November 2, 2017: New Fast Track Award Accelerates Student Success,
    Press Release.
  • September 27, 2017: Indiana to participate in national College Application Day on September 29, Press Release.
  • September 13, 2017: $9.6 million awarded to recruit teachers in high-need subjects and schools, Press Release,
    List of STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund Grant Recipients
  • September 5, 2017: Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship Continues to Build Education Pipeline, Press Release
  • August 9, 2017: Governor Holcomb sends Indiana students on a ‘roadtrip’ to career success, Press Release
  • July 27, 2017: College graduation rates continue to rise in Indiana, Press Release
  • July 20, 2017: In higher education, paying for results can pay off, Op-Ed
  • May 30, 2017: More Indiana students meet college financial aid deadline in 2017, Press Release,
    List of FAFSA Award recipients
  • May 23, 2017: $10 Million in state grants available to develop teachers in high-need 'STEM' subjects, Press Release
  • May 12, 2017: Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarships Awarded, Press Release
  • May 11, 2017: Commission calls on Indiana colleges to hold line on tuition increases, Press Release
  • May 4, 2017: State calls on students to take a 'Roadtrip' to career success, Press Release
  • April 28, 2017: More Hoosiers Earning College Credit in High School, Performing Better in College, Press Release
  • March 22, 2017: More Indiana Students Ready for College, but Preparation Gaps Remain, Press Release
  • March 16, 2017: Indiana extending financial aid filing deadline to April 15, 2017, Press Release
  • March 6, 2017: Reaching Higher: Indiana's Higher Education E-Newsletter, Mar-Apr 2017
  • March 2, 2017: Time Running Out to File for College Financial Aid, Press Release
  • February 8, 2017: State Higher Education Chief Charts Path Forward at Annual Address, Press Release, Full Text: 2017 State of Higher Education Address
  • January 16, 2017: Reaching Higher: Indiana's Higher Education E-Newsletter, Jan-Feb 2017
  • January 10, 2017: Future Teachers Flock to New State Scholarship, Press Release



  • December 21, 2016: Deadline Approaching to Apply for Indiana's New Teachers Scholarship, Press Release
  • December 20, 2016: Accreditor Approves Five-Year Extension for Indiana Teachers to Meet New Dual Credit Requirements, Press Release, Notice of Approval, Indiana's Application, Cover Letter
  • November 10, 2016: Indiana Helps Veterans Access College and Career Resources for Success After Service, Press Release
  • November 1, 2016: Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship Application Opens Today, Press Release
  • October 7, 2016: Colleges Can Apply for Funds to Increase Teacher Quality in High-Need K-12 Schools, Press Release
  • October 5, 2016: Filing for College Financial Aid Gets Easier, Press Release
  • October 3, 2016: Next Generation Teacher Scholarship Offers Prestigious Route to the Classroom for High Achieving Hoosiers, Press Release
  • September 21, 2016: Indiana Launches Nation's First Comprehensive Measure of College Value, Press Release
  • September 21, 2016: Indiana's Dual Credit Advisory Council Meets Wednesday, September 21  Agenda
  • September 13, 2016: State Agencies, Colleges Combine Efforts to Help Hoosiers Affected by ITT Technical Institute Closure, Press Release, Fact Sheet, Timeline, FAQ, Partnering Colleges
  • September 1, 2016: State offers $500K to help more 21st Century Scholars meet requirements, Press Release
  • July 27, 2016: More Hoosiers are completing college, but too few from low-income and minority groups, Press Release
  • June 28, 2016: Eleven Counties Recognized for Their Commitment to Higher Education, Press Release
  • June 13, 2016: Gallup-Indiana Survey Results Show Hoosier Graduates Believe College is Worth It, Press Release, 2016 Gallup-Indiana Survey Results
  • June 1, 2016: Schools and Youth Organizations Receive Funds to Assist Indiana's 21st Century Scholars, Press Release. List of Recipients 
  • May 26, 2016: Indiana Rallies to Keep Students on Track for Scholarships, Press Release
  • May 5, 2016: More Indiana Students are College Ready, but Persistent Gaps Remain, Press Release
  • April 21, 2016: Indiana’s Dual Credit Advisory Council Meets Monday, April 25Media Advisory, Agenda
  • April 13, 2016: Lubbers Presents Indiana’s New Plan for Higher Education at Annual Address, Press Release, Full Text: 2016 State of Higher Education Address,
  • March 29, 2016: More Indiana College Students on Track to Graduate on Time, Press Release, REPORT: Reforming Student Financial Aid to Increase College Completion
  • March 15, 2016: Higher Education Roundup of Indiana's 2016 Legislative Session, Press Release
  • March 10, 2016: Indiana Examines Nursing Programs and Licensure Pass Rates, Press Release
  • January 6, 2016: $9.6 Million Awarded to Recruit Teachers in High-Need Subjects and Schools, Press Release, About Recipients
  • January 19, 2016: Indiana Releases Updated Report on College Return on Investment, Press Release, Report
  • January 26, 2016: Indiana's Dual Credit Advisory Council Meets Wednesday, January 27, Press Release, Agenda
  • February 8, 2016: State helps Hoosiers get "Cash for College', Press Release
  • February 16, 2016: State of Indiana Announces New Initiative to Encourage Adults to Complete College Degrees, Press Release, Employer Partners



  • January 17, 2014: 13 Indiana students earn money for college in statewide contest view
  • January 22, 2014: Commissioner renews call to boost college completion during second 'State of Higher Education' address view
  • February 7, 2014: State seeks Indiana students to feature in annual publications view
  • February 13, 2014:  Commission promotes competency-based learning for college students view
  • February 17, 2014: State launches annual 'Cash for College" campaign view
  • February 18, 2014: Commission provides clearer picture of college completion in Indiana view
  • February 25, 2014: State helps 21st Century Scholars transition from college to careers view
  • February 26, 2014: State cuts red tape to offer college students more quality distance learning options view
  • March 13, 2014: State helps 21st Century Scholars prepare for college view
  • March 13, 2014: Higher education Commission appoints new Associate Commissioner view
  • March 20, 2014: Indiana Commissioner to chair national higher education association view
  • April 21, 2014: Commissioner Lubbers kicking off spring leg of statewide "College Success Tour" view
  • May 19, 2014: Commission approves funding and degrees view
  • June 9, 2014:  State honors 15 counties for forming College Success Coalitions view
  • June 10, 2014: New state reports show more students going to, ready for college view
  • June 17, 2014: Application for Indiana institutions to join SARA view
  • September 22, 2014: Indiana kicks off "College GO! Week!" campaign view
  • September 9, 2014: OP-ED: It’s time to redefine full-time in college as 15 credits (Teresa Lubbers and Stan Jones) view
  • September 5, 2014:  Commission announces funding for "Improving Teacher Quality" programs view
  • October 8, 2014: State expands program for at-risk students to 20 college campuses view
  • October 22, 2014: Commissioner to rally support for higher education in Blackford County view
  • October 27, 2014: Indiana participating in national College Application Day on October 28 view
  • October 27, 2014: Commissioner to meet with local leaders about higher education in Hendricks County view
  • November 3, 2014: Commission released study of part-time students to Indiana General Assembly view
  • November, 10, 2014:  Commissioner Lubbers to speak at first Indiana Latino Education Summit view
  • November 17, 2014: Commissioner Lubbers challenges Clinton County leaders to increase educational attainment view
  • November 18, 2014: DeKalb County welcomes Commissioner Lubbers to discuss higher education view
  • November 26, 2014:  Thanksgiving to be served with a side of college completion this season view
  • December 22, 2014:  Commission spreads holiday cheer with joyful news about paying for college view
  • December 01, 2014:  New Report: '4-Year' degrees now a myth in American higher education view


  • January 17: State kicks off "Cash for College" campaign view
  • January 21: Scholarship advice to aid students in getting to college view
  • March 5: March 10 is state financial aid deadline view
  • March 14: Commission sets sights on closing college achievement gap view
  • April 25: State reports spotlight students' readiness for college view
  • May 8: State recognizes 26 counties for working to increase college success view
  • May 9: Commission acts to limit tuition, boost college completion view
  • May 30: Higher education commission names new Chief Financial Officer view
  • June 13: Commission adopts increased student financial aid awards view
  • August 8: Commission works with Indiana colleges to curb "credit creep" view
  • September 3: Commissioner kicks off statewide "college success" tour view
  • September 6: Commissioner continues "College Success Tour" view
  • September 12: New study points to college advising practices that improve student graduation view
  • September 17: Commissioner Lubbers "College Success Tour" planning to visit Harrison County view
  • September 19:  Higher education chief calls for changes to improve college advising view
  • September 23:  'CollegeGO! Week' launches statewide to help students plan for success view
  • September 23:  Commissioner Lubbers to visit Parke and Vigo Counties on statewide tour view
  • October 10: Commissioner meeting in South Bend focusing on regional campuses view
  • October 22: Commissioner to visit Bedford, Indiana on statewide "College Success Tour" view
  • October 29: Commissioner to visit Hamilton County on statewide "College Success Tour" view
  • November 6:  State's new "Return on Investment" report spotlights college value view
  • November 7:  Allen County next stop on Commissioner's statewide "College Success Tour" view
  • December 16: State awards three 'College GO! Week' school grants view

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