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STIP Comment Form

Each state is required under 49 U.S.C. 5304(g) to develop a statewide transportation improvement program (STIP) covering a period of at least four years. The STIP is a staged, multi-year, statewide intermodal program of transportation projects, consistent with the statewide transportation plan and planning processes as well as metropolitan plans, transportation improvement programs (TIPs), and planning processes. The STIP must be developed in cooperation with the metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), public transit providers, and any Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPO) in the state, and must be compatible with the TIPs for the state's metropolitan areas.

INDOT STIP is updated monthly throughout the course of the year for projects additions, advancements, deletions, and other types of modifications. These are accomplished either by a formal STIP Amendment or a Modification.
STIP Amendment - Before FHWA/FTA can approve a STIP Amendment the associated MPO's TIP must also be amended, if the project is within the geographic boundaries of the MPO. Generally, the MPO TIP may only be amended by a formal resolution of the MPO Executive Board. TIPs/STIP require formal amendments based on the following criteria:

  • Adding a new project that was not included in the current STIP
  • Adding a new phase of a project not currently included in the STIP (preliminary engineering, right-of-way acquisition, construction)
  • Changes where project costs have increased or decreased significantly
  • Changes in project scope

The public is encouraged to provide feedback on INDOT's STIP document lists all projects expected to be funded in those four years with Federal funds and those state-funded projects that have been deemed as Regionally Significant. Please use this form to let INDOT know of any roadway transportation improvements that you believe is needed on Indiana’s interstates, U.S. highways or state highways. Your input will enable INDOT to more effectively identify projects and improvements that will enable us to enhance safety and continue to improve Indiana's transportation network.

Please provide comments either by completing the below comment form, by email or by writing to:

Indiana Department of Transportation
Attn: Cat Seely
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN N758-Transportation Planning
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The scheduled INDOT STIP amendment close on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and post the draft amendment here are the website for public comment.  The comment period is 7 days after the reported created date.

Draft STIP Documents

Please click the link below to fill out the Draft STIP Documents Form.

Draft STIP Documents Form

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