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All Indiana U.S. Route Interchanges

The pdf files on subsequent pages are text outlined, not fonts. These drawings are graphic version of the layout of each interchange; they are not to a specific scale.

Please select one of the following to see a list of the Interchanges on that particular highway.
All Indiana U.S. Route  Interchanges
Intersects with:
6016I-80/I-94Lake StationLake
6 027 S.R. 49 Portage to Westville Porter
6070US 31PlymouthMarshall
6 078 S.R. 331 Bremen Marshall
12000Reference Post 0/I-90East ChicagoLake
12 006Kennedy Ave. East Chicago Lake
12 008S.R. 912/Columbus Dr./Industrial Ave. East Chicago Lake
12009Toll Road/S.R. 912/Cline Ave.HammondLake
12010U.S. 20/Michigan St.East ChicagoLake
12 015I-65/I-90 Gary Lake
12 024U.S. 12 and S.R. 249 Portage Porter
12 025Private RdBurns Harbor Porter
12 029S.R. 49/Phelps Rd. IR 335 Chesterton Porter
20 008Kennedy Ave. East Chicago Lake
20 010S.R. 912/Michigan St. East Chicago Lake
20 015I-65/I-90 Gary Lake
20 030S.R. 49/H.Jelm Rd./1400 N. Rd./25 E. St. Chesterton Porter
20 044S.R. 212/U.S. 35 Michigan City LaPorte
20056S.R. 2Rolling PrairieLaPorte
20 071U.S. 31/U.S. 33 South Bend St. Joseph
20 073S.R. 2 South Bend St. Joseph
20 075Mayflower Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
20 076S.R. 23 South Bend St. Joseph
20 079U.S. 31 South Bend St. Joseph
20 082Ironwood Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
20 084S.R. 331/Bremen HWY. South Bend St. Joseph
20 086Elm Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
20 093S.R. 19 Elkhart Elkhart
20 096U.S. 33/S.R. 933 Elkhart Elkhart
20 099Toledo Rd. (Old U.S. 20) Elkhart Elkhart
24 061U.S. 35/Bates St. Logansport Cass
24 062S.R. 25/S.R. 29 Logansport Cass
24063U.S. 35/S.R. 25LogansportCass
24 077U.S. 31 Peru Miami
24 115S.R. 9/Misher Rd./IR-337 Huntington Huntington
24 116Meridian Rd. Huntington Huntington
24132I-69Fort WayneAllen
24153I-469New HavenAllen
24155Brick RoadNew HavenAllen
24157Webster RoadWoodburnAllen
24162S.R. 101WoodburnAllen
27 046S.R. 32 Wincester Randolph
27106I-469Fort WayneAllen
27117I-69Fort WayneAllen
30 026S.R. 49/S.R. 2 Valparaiso Porter
30 048U.S. 35 Knox Starke
30 065S.R. 17/Michigan St. Plymouth Marshall
30 067U.S. 31 Plymouth Marshall
30 078S.R. 331 Bourbon to Bremen Marshall
30 090S.R. 15 Warsaw Kosciusko
30 128U.S. 33 Fort Wayne Allen
30129I-69Fort WayneAllen
30142I-469New HavenAllen
31 001U.S. 31, I-65 and 10th StreetJeffersonville/Clarksville Clark
31002U.S. 31 and Old S.R. 62Jeffersonville/ClarksvilleClark
31004U.S. 31 and Old U.S. 131 (McCullough Pike)Jeffersonville/ClarksvilleClark
31005U.S. 31 and Veterans ParkwayClarksvilleClark
31 073(Old S.R. 11) Indianapolis Ave. Columbus Bartholomew
31124U.S. 31 & 106th StreetCarmelHamilton
31125U.S. 31 & 116th StreetCarmelHamilton
31126U.S. 31 & Old Meridian StreetCarmelHamilton
31127U.S. 31 & 131st StreetCarmelHamilton
31128U.S. 31 & Smokey Row Rd.CarmelHamilton
31129146th StCarmelHamilton
31130U.S. 31 & 151st StreetWestfieldHamilton
31131U.S. 31 & 161st StreetWestfieldHamilton
31132U.S. 31 & S.R. 32WestfieldHamilton
31134U.S. 31 & 191st StreetWestfieldHamilton
31136U.S. 31 & S.R. 38WestfieldHamilton
31 137S.R. 431/Circle Dr./Grey Hound Pass/Gray Rd./Walter Rd./Walter St. Carmel Hamilton
31148US 31 and SR 28TiptonTipton
31156S.R. 931KokomoHoward
31158S.R. 26KokomoHoward
31161County Road 100 SouthKokomoHoward
31162U.S. 35 & S.R. 22KokomoHoward
31165Touby PikeKokomoHoward
31166U.S. 35 & CR 400 NorthKokomoHoward
31167S.R. 931KokomoHoward
31 190IR-500 Peru Miami
31 191U.S. 24 Peru Miami
31203S.R. 25RochesterFulton
31225U.S. 30PlymouthMarshall
31227Veterans PkwyPlymouthMarshall
31232U.S. 6LapazMarshall
31239S.R. 4LakevilleSt. Joseph
31244Kern Rd.South BendSt. Joseph
31 257S.R. 23 South Bend St. Joseph
31 258Mayflower Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
31 260S.R. 2 South Bend St. Joseph
31 262U.S. 20/(old U.S. 20) South Bend St. Joseph
31 264Brick Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
33 019U.S. 30 Fort Wayne Allen
33 095U.S. 20/S.R. 933/Shaffer Ave. Elkhart Elkhart
33 098S.R. 19 Elkhart Elkhart
33 105Elm Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
33 107Elm Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
33 109Ironwood Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
33 111U.S. 31 South Bend St. Joseph
33 114S.R. 23 South Bend St. Joseph
33 115Mayflower Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
33 117S.R. 2 South Bend St. Joseph
33 120U.S. 20/(old U.S. 20) South Bend St. Joseph
33 122Brick Rd. South Bend St. Joseph
35041S.R. 67/S.R. 3./Old S.R. 3/St. MuncieMuncieDelaware
35043Memorial Dr.MuncieDelaware
35 044S.R. 32 Muncie Delaware
35 047S.R. 67/Grandville Ave. Muncie Delaware
35 048S.R. 3/IR-1093 Muncie Delaware
35074I-69Gas CityGrant
35103U.S. 31KokomoHoward
35110U.S. 31KokomoHoward
35 111Davis Rd. Kokomo Howard
35130U.S. 24/S.R. 25/S.R. 29LogansportCass
35 131S.R. 25/S.R. 29 Logansport Cass
35 132U.S. 24/Bates St. Logansport Cass
35 179U.S. 30 Knox Starke
35 198Pine Lake Ave./Lake St./Perry St. LaPorte LaPorte
35 206S.R. 212/U.S. 20 Michigan City LaPorte
36 007S.R. 63 Clinton Vermillion
36 108S.R. 3 Mount Summit Henry
40009I-70Terre HauteVigo
41 004S.R. 62/Division St./Lloyd Expressway/Walnut St. Evansville Vanderburgh
41 005Diamond Ave. Evansville Vanderburgh
41025County Road 550PrincetonGibson
41 027Old U.S. 41 South/Kings Mine Rd. Princeton Gibson
41 031S.R. 64 Princeton Gibson
41 052S.R. 441/Decker Rd. Vincennes Knox
41 054Hart St. Vincennes Knox
41 055U.S. 50/U.S. 150 Vincennes Knox
41 056U.S. 50/S.R. 61/8th St. Vincennes Knox
41 058S.R. 67/Co. Rd. Vincennes Knox
41105S.R. 641Terre HauteVigo
41109I-70Terre HauteVigo
41 114S.R. 63/Third St. Terre Haute Vigo
41 182S.R. 63 Carbondale Warren
41 204U.S. 52 Boswell to Earl Park Benton
41 273State St./Sibley St. Hammond Lake
41 276S.R. 912/Calumet Ave. Hammond Lake
50 002U.S. 50/S.R. 61 Vincennes Knox
50 003U.S. 41 Vincennes Knox
50 065Old U.S. 50/Mitchell Rd. Bedford Lawrence
52 014U.S. 41 Earl Park to Gravel Hill Benton
52 043U.S. 231/Yeager West Lafayette Tippecanoe
52 044S.R. 443/Soldiers Home Rd. West Lafayette Tippecanoe
52169I-74West HarrisonDearborn
136 005S.R. 63 Carbondale Warren
136 055S.R. 63 Carbondale Warren
150 069S.R. 67/Co. Rd. Vincennes Knox
150 070U.S. 50/S.R. 61 Vincennes Knox
150 072U.S. 41 Vincennes Knox
150172I-64Floyds KnobsFloyd
231 001S.R. 66 (Ohio River) Spencer
231028S.R. 162Santa ClausSpencer
231 205S.R. 43/Salsbury St./River Rd./3rd St./Salem St./Union St. West Lafayette Tippecanoe
231 206S.R. 43/Salsbury St./River Rd./3rd St./Salem St./Union St. West Lafayette Tippecanoe
231 208U.S. 52/Yeager Lafayette Tippecanoe
231289I-65Crown PointLake
421146S.R. 25, Hoosier HeartlandDelphiCarroll
421230I-94Michigan CityLaPorte

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