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The Indiana Byway Program

The Indiana Byway Program is designed to preserve, protect, enhance and recognize transportation corridors of unique character. These corridors are notable examples of our nation's beauty, history, culture and recreational experience. Some byway routes are designated nationally while others are state designated byways.  The national designation is made by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation from nominations presented by the states and federal land management agencies.

Proposed Hoosier Hills State Scenic Byway INDOT would like to know what you think.

The Scenic Byway Committee has received  an application that is has taken under advisement for a proposed new State Scenic Byway.  The application for the proposed new Hoosier Hills State Scenic Byway may be viewed here. Comments may be addressed to: Sharon Emery, Indiana Scenic Byway Coordinator:

Associated documents:

Indiana Statewide Map of Designated Byways

INDOT is responsible for submitting Indiana route nominations for federal designation and Indiana's Historic Pathways was first designated a state byway in 2004 and subsequently designated a national byway in 2009.  It then joined the Ohio River Scenic Byway and the Historic National Road as nationally designated byways. 
A new Order of the Commissioner was signed in 2021.

On June 25, 2018, INDOT Commissioner Joe McGuinness signed an Order designating the Segment of State Road 265 from The Indiana-Kentucky border to State Road 62 as a State Scenic Byway addition to the existing Ohio River Scenic Byway.

State designated byways include the River Road Scenic Byway, renamed in February 2016 to the Wabash River Scenic Byway in Tippecanoe County, designated in 2008, the Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway, designated in 2008, the Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway Loop Routes, designated in 2011, the Historic Michigan Road Byway, designated in 2011 and the Lincoln Highway Scenic Byway, designated in 2011 for both the 1913 and 1928 alignments.

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