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Resources for Indiana Communities

INDOT monitors the compliance of all subrecipients of federal funds.  This means that if you receive and federal funding from INDOT, whether through a contract to perform work or provide professional services or as part of a grant or award for your community, INDOT is required to ensure you are in compliance with Title VI & Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) nondiscrimination and accessibility requirements.  Our goal in monitoring our subrecipients is to provide sufficient training, tools and resources to make compliance efforts manageable and easier for our subrecipients as we work together to improve Indiana communities by constructing roads, bridges, highways, and pedestrian facilities across the state.

2021 ADA Transition Plan

These tools are intended to provide technical assistance to INDOT subrecipients regarding their responsibilities under Title VI.  They are resources to be tailored to fit your community’s needs and using these resources does not guarantee compliance, constitute legal advice or prevent liability.  Communities are encouraged to work with counsel to ensure their compliance efforts meet the federal requirements.


All Recipients of federal funds, directly or indirectly as subrecipients, are required to comply with Title VI.  For communities (Cities, Towns, Counties, etc.), this includes developing a Title VI Implementation Plan and an Annual Goals & Accomplishments Report.  INDOT is required to ensure communities are in compliance with Title VI requirements before awarding funds for local projects.  Training is provided and we require our subrecipient’s Title VI Coordinators to receive regular Title VI training at a minimum of every 2-3 years.  Requirements change and it is your responsibility to ensure you stay current and up to date with the requirements. You may attend training sessions as often as you like.There is no charge for training but space is limited for in person attendance.

INDOT provides in-person Title VI and ADA training opportunities in each INDOT district throughout the year.  We are now offering virtual training opportunities limited to 20 attendees per session in addition to and sometimes contemporaneously with our in-person sessions.  Please note, however, that technical difficulties with our virtual sessions may occur and while we will do our best to address them, results cannot be guaranteed.  Our training modules and handouts are also available below.  To register for in-person and virtual training opportunities, please follow the links below.

For all training opportunities, please download the subrecipient technical assistance tool​.

Our 2019 Title VI & ADA Summit is being held in person and remotely on October 8, 2019.  You may attend in person WITHOUT ADVANCED REGISTRATION.  
Remote attendance is available as follows:

  • URL:
    • Participants will sign in as a guest using their name.
  • Audio will be voice over internet, so participants will need to use speakers or headphones to hear the presentation.
  • Prior to the webinar, participants can go to to test their connection. This will prompt the user with any needed updates or add-ins.
  • Do not log into the webinar using Citrix or Virtual Private Network (VPN). These services will not be able to playback audio.

Handouts for remote participants are available below:

Past Presentations

The following downloadable presentations from the 2017 Title VI & ADA Summit for Indiana Communities can be viewed and shared with others who may benefit from them.

​These power point presentations may be downloaded and viewed at your own pace.  They are an excellent way to refresh your understanding of the requirements, but may not be sufficient as an initial introduction to Title VI & ADA requirements.

If you choose to use these materials to receive your Title VI Training, submit any questions you have with your certification to so that we can record your participation. Failure to do so may result in our records indicating a deficiency.

Links to Additional Resources

IACT has a new affiliate group, the Indiana ADA Coordinators Association, which offers training regarding Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) matters, transition plans, Title VI, Section 504 and much more.

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