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The Indiana Guard Reserve (IGR) is a service oriented, community-based, military organization authorized by Indiana law as a supplement to the Indiana Army National Guard based at fifty-nine (59) Indiana Army National Guard Armories throughout the State of Indiana.

Opportunity is knocking. We are looking for Indiana citizens just like your self -- men and women who once served in the military services or those who would like to, but missed that chance. Now is your opportunity to become a member of the IGR . You can now serve by being a member of the IGR and assisting in the well-being of your community.

Indiana Guard Reserve is exclusive. Not everyone meets entrance requirements. Applicants must meet certain standards of conduct and appearance.

Indiana Guard Reserve is an All-Volunteer Organization. There is no pay for drills or reimbursement for travel expenses, no uniform allowance, and accrual of points toward retirements. There is no required duty outside the State of Indiana. However, IGR volunteers are authorized to wear the state military uniform, and receive the sincere appreciation of the communities they serve. As a volunteer, you will experience the camaraderie and the pride of military service.

Indiana Guard Reserve drills. Unit drills are held once a month, usually on Saturday. Also, Guard Reservists attend annual training for two and one half days each fall at Camp Atterbury, normally in September or early October. This training covers subjects such as the National Incident Management System (NIMS), search and rescue, family assistance, armory support activities, communications and other facets of the unit mission.

Indiana Guard Reserve Rank & Promotions are based upon your civilian and military experience, schooling, duty performance, potential, education and needs of the IGR. Accession for prior service veterans is at the last federally recognized rank.

State Military Uniforms: As a member of the IGR you are authorized to wear the U.S. Army Service Uniform (Dress Blues), Army Green Class A and B, as well as the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). Wear of Army uniforms is authorized by the Adjutant General with minor insignia modifications. Military decorations from your prior service along with IGR and Indiana State awards are authorized for wear.

Indiana Guard Reserve Qualification: You may apply if you are 18 - 65 years of age, are in good health, have no felony conviction or pending criminal charges, have never been convicted of desertion or classified as disloyal. Active members of the US Armed Forces or Reserve are not eligible for membership in the Indiana Guard Reserve. Veterans of any branch of the Uniformed Services, with service verified by DD 214 (Statement of Military Service), are welcome.

More Information: If you would like to be contacted by a recruiter, please provide us some information about yourself on our "Interested in Joining ..." page.  They will connect you to a unit in your area, which will then guide you through the rest of the process. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next drill!