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Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grant Program

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Foundation Grants on Hold for 2022

The Homeland Security Foundation will not issue grants in 2022 as the foundation outlines a strategy for the future. As a result of declining revenue in recent years, the foundation is considering a variety of options, including expanding opportunities for citizens and corporations to donate to the fund. These donations support scholarships for students pursuing a first responder career and grants supporting public safety at the local level for lifesaving equipment, standard operational items and supplementing current capabilities. You can donate online or purchase a First Responders license plate to support the foundation.

In 2021, the foundation issued 31 grants totaling more than $116,000 and six scholarships totaling $10,000.

About the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grant Program

The Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grant program supports public safety projects which are in alignment with IDHS’ local and district needs, with a focus on ensuring citizen safety. For example, the program supports critical public safety projects such as equipping emergency responders with personal protective equipment (PPE), acquiring equipment for use by emergency responders and funding training for emergency responders across Indiana at the local level.

Funds through this program may only be used for and must be consistent with the priority areas of life safety, standard operational items and supplementing current capabilities:

  • Life safety: These would be immediate lifesaving activities or equipment that a department does not currently have. Examples would include AEDs, extrication equipment, PPEs and gas/air monitoring tools.
  • Standard operational items: These are items used daily but not used for immediate lifesaving activities and may include items a department already has but that may be broken or outdated. Examples would include a new fire truck ladder to replace one that cannot be repaired, handheld tablets, lighting equipment and portable breath testers.
  • Supplementing current capabilities: This category covers items or equipment that would allow a public safety department to do more than what it currently can. Examples would include complementary extrication equipment, more high-angle rescue gear and additional wearable cameras (if starting out with some, but not enough for all officers).

Application (Notice of Funding Opportunity)

Have Questions? See the Grants Frequently Asked Questions page for initial help before submitting a support ticket.