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Indiana Privacy Toolkit - FREE-To-Download Resource Helps Organization Gain a Better Understanding of Privacy, How It Works

The Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity (IECC) is launching its latest, FREE-to-download resource, with the release of its all-new Indiana Privacy Toolkit.

The purpose of the online toolkit is intended to help organizations gain a better understand of how privacy “works” and why it’s important. It is meant to be a step-by-step guide, with information tailored to fit the needs of a variety of small businesses and not-for-profit organizations, as well as local government.

Compiled by the Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity's (IECC) Privacy Working Group, the information in the Toolkit is drawn from the Group's members' knowledge and expertise in privacy and cybersecurity as leaders from the public and private sectors.

Think of it as your own, in-house privacy handbook, from which you can rely on to help you navigate through the myriad of challenges related to technology and cyber threats.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Guidebook 2.0 Helps Hoosier Businesses Identify 'Why' (and How) Protecting Someone's Personal Info Requires Protection   

In addition to the Toolkit, the IECC Privacy Working Group updated its PII Guidebook 2.0 to help provide Indiana businesses, small and large, with a more in-depth understanding of what constitutes "PII" (including how it's defined) as part of our daily lives, and what to look for, when it comes to identifying the information that requires a heightened degree of protection.

Updated Healthcare Cyber in a Box 2.1 Provides Three Levels of Expert Guidance for Keeping Operations Secure, Systems Protected

Updated with even more recommendations and best practices, Healthcare Cyber in a Box 2.1 provides organizations with three levels of expert guidance -- basic, intermediate, and mature -- involving 23 critical areas of cybersecurity -- as a FREE to download resource for creating even more of the systems needed for keeping your operations secure while, at the same time, helping to protect your patients and preserving both their digital, as well as physical, well-being.

Cyber Insurance Toolkit: 'Wealth' of Information for Managing Risk

The Cyber Insurance Toolkit is intended to help businesses and organizations understand what cyber liability insurance is, what it covers and why it's become an increasingly important part of a company's risk management strategy.  Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of insurance professionals and members of the legal profession, the Toolkit features a wealth of information from trusted sources -- everything from the types of questions to consider asking as part of an underwriting document to understanding how you can implement reasonable security controls (without spending a great deal of money) while, at the same time, exercising due diligence.

Cybersecurity for Education Toolkit 2.0 Offers Ideal 'Playbook' for School Communities

Just as cybersecurity is in every aspect of our everyday life, "cyber" is something that runs through our schools. Developed by the Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity (IECC), with support from the Indiana Department of Education and the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USDHS), the updated toolkit is filled with a wide range of cybersecurity best practices, resources and tips for everyone in your K-12 school community.

Best of all, the Cybersecurity for Education Toolkit 2.0 is a FREE-to-download guide and we encourage everyone to use these materials. Share them with your colleagues, students, and others in your school community – as a turnkey resource; saving you precious time as you focus on the rapidly increasing challenges that are taking place in education as the school year gets underway.

Likewise, if you’re a parent, concerned citizen or a school board member, we know that the quality of education is an important factor in the quality of life for a community, whether you live in a large city, suburb, or a small town. That’s why this Toolkit is also for you to use because of the role you play in educating students. In fact, we have created the toolkit as a PDF that can easily be saved as a Word Document that will enable you to cut and paste, copy and/or repurpose all the articles, images, and social media posts in the Toolkit 2.0 as needed.

Information Security Tips 2023 Offers Practical Guide for Protecting Indiana Businesses' Critical Systems

Developed by members of the Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity's (IECC) Finance Committee, Information Security Tips 2023 is a ready-to-use training guide for Indiana businesses, interested in protecting their organization's critical systems. Offering a practical, step-by-step approach, the recommended strategies and best practices -- as outlined in the materials -- were developed by cybersecurity and information security professionals, experienced through their work in state government, as well as the private sector with financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, from across Indiana. The 19-page guide is FREE to download.

IECC Continues Work on State of Indiana Cybersecurity Strategic Plan, Shares Successes in "The State of Cyber Report"

The Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity (IECC) unanimously approved its 2021 Indiana Cybersecurity Strategic Plan and State of Cyber Report (2017-2021) and provided them to Governor Holcomb. The plan and report further establish Indiana as one of the leading states in cybersecurity collaboration and initiatives in the nation. Click here for more information or click the below cover to read the respective plan or report.

2021 Cybersecurity Plan Cover2021 Cybersecurity Report Cover

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Indiana Small Business Development Center Offers Free GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit to Protect Against Cyber Threats

The Indiana Small Business Development Center, a program of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, is committed to providing Hoosier small businesses with easy to understand and ready to use resources that can help avoid or reduce the impact of cyber incidents. The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit is a no-cost resource for small business owners as they improve their security. You can select from a wide range of tools to find the resources that best fit you and your business' needs.

Act Now to Protect Against Increased Cyber Attacks

As the nation’s cyber defense agency, CISA stands ready to help organizations prepare for, respond to, and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks. CISA’s Shields Up campaign webpage provides recommendations, products, and resources to increase organizational vigilance and keep stakeholders informed about cybersecurity threats and destructive exploits against critical infrastructure.

CISA's Shields Up site to provide the latest guidance and information to help organizations increase their resilience to cyberattacks and protect people and property. This robust catalog of free resources will be especially helpful today, as the cybersecurity threats facing the world have increased exponentially.

CISA’s Shields Ready campaign is about making resilience during incidents a reality by taking action before incidents occur. As a companion to CISA’s Shields Up initiative, Shields Ready drives action at the intersection of critical infrastructure resilience and national preparedness. This campaign is designed to help all critical infrastructure stakeholders to take action to enhance security and resilience—from industry and businesses to government entities at all levels, and even individuals by providing recommendations, products, and resources to increase individual and collective resilience for different risk contexts and conditions.  By taking steps in advance of an incident, organizations, individuals, and communities are better positioned to quickly adjust their posture for heightened risk conditions, in turn helping to prevent incidents, to reduce impact, and get things back to normal—or better—as quickly as possible. Being part of the resilience journey makes for more resilient people, organizations, and communities.