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Fire Prevention & Building Safety Commission

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Meeting Information

Next Meeting
Wednesday, November 4, 2020
9:00 a.m. EDT
Location details to be confirmed

In response to the State's guidance and orders/directives issued in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Commission's Tuesday, October 6, 2020, meeting was not held in-person. In accordance with Governor Holcomb's executive orders that have relaxed the state's public meeting and Open Door Law requirements, the Commission's meetings may be conducted electronically/remotely through Cisco Webex. Access information for meetings will be provided below. The public is able to view or listen to the meetings online or by phone using the information below.

Variance applicants, submitters and other stakeholders with essential business before the Commission may be afforded the opportunity to participate in the meeting and address the Commission. However, direct participation in the Commission's meeting is not mandatory, and testimony is afforded at the discretion of the chairman.

If your variance application has been "tabled" by the Commission or if you have received notice that IDHS has "referred" your variance application to the Commission for determination, please contact staff at variances@dhs.in.gov with any questions or concerns. Questions or concerns regarding any other business before the Commission should be directed to buildingcommission@dhs.in.gov. Additional information will be provided here in advance of the meeting(s) as it becomes available, and as additional guidance, orders/directives and/or restrictions affect the Commission's ability to conduct its meeting(s).

About the Fire Prevention & Building Safety Commission

The Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission (Commission) is an 11-member commission established in Ind. Code Chapter 22-12-2 that meets monthly to conduct its business. In general, the commission is tasked with: (1) creating a statewide code of fire safety laws and building laws; (2) reviewing variance requests to codes it has adopted; (3) reviewing local ordinances containing building and fire safety laws; and (4) reviewing orders enforcing fire and building safety laws. View the list of commission members on the FPBS Commission Members page.