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Environmental Management Policy Committee (EMPC)

2024 EMPC Meeting Schedule

2019-2020 EMPC Membership Overview

Chairman: Bill Emerson, Jr., NIRPC Commissioner Staff Contact: Kathy Luther, Director of Environmental Programs

Mission Statement: The Environmental Management Policy Committee of the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission recognizes the value and interdependence of northwest Indiana’s natural resources and economic strengths and encourages the use of those resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.


  • To educate and inform ourselves and others regarding environmental issues;
  • To generate debate and discussion and focus public awareness on area-wide environmental issues;
  • To form coalitions to pursue cooperative approaches to environmental issues of mutual concern;
  • To facilitate communication between local elected officials and state and federal environmental agencies;
  • To provide a vision for area-wide sustainable development;
  • To serve as a vehicle for the development of sound regional public policy and planning/development guidelines that incorporate environmental protection;
  • To assist in the development of a NIRPC environmental information resource and consultation center to assist local government planning/development.

Adopted April 4, 1995

Environmental Management Policy Committee Meeting Minutes

For information regarding the Environmental Management Policy Committee, please contact Kathy Luther at or at 219.254.2513

Requests for alternate formats, please contact NIRPC at 219.763.6060.

Environmental Management Policy Committee Meeting Presentations

The Calumet Heritage Area Program and Events Calendar is a one-stop shop for events happening in the Calumet that relate to nature, industry, and culture. To find events of interest to the EMPC, search for key terms like “nature” and “education”. You can also submit events by clicking on the “submit event” button.

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