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Become a Youth Program Volunteer

Youth Program Volunteer

Do you have experience mentoring youth, or a passion for working with children and teens? Did you know you can use permissive temporary duty (TDY), administrative leave or alternate annual training (AT) to volunteer? Do you have campers signed up for Kids AT and want to join the fun?

We’re looking for civilian or military personnel to volunteer for the Youth Program to fill the role of camp counselor or to provide administrative, supply and operations support.

We are also looking for volunteers for all of our events throughout the year, including workshops, holiday events and Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events. The Child and Youth Program would not be what it is without the support of our wonderful volunteers! If you are interested, please go to the “How to become a Volunteer” tab.

Download the Flyer

Become a Volunteer

Complete the Virtual Volunteer Training.

Google Classroom (Preferred Method)

Access Google Classroom

  • Log into your Google classroom account
  • Choose “Join Class”
  • Enter class code “dijtezk”.

Microsoft Teams

  • In Microsoft Teams, select “Join or create a team” below your teams list.
  • On the “Join a team with a code card,” enter “771y5jb”.

Save your Certificate of Completion that will be sent once you finish the training.

You will receive information on how to complete your Background Check.

Once you complete and pass your background check, your email will be added to our “Volunteer List.”

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