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Office of the Inspector General

Indiana National Guard Inspector General Logo The Indiana National Guard Office of the Inspector General provides assistance to commanders, soldiers, airmen, civilians, family members and retirees through inspection, inquiry and investigation to enhance discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training and readiness throughout the organization.

  • We support commanders and the chain of command to ensure they are effective, efficient and economical as possible, to improve operations, morale and readiness of the command.
  • We provide assistance for soldiers, airmen, family members, civilians and retirees. We conduct inspections to measure compliance, identify systemic issues and correct deficiencies.
  • We conduct investigations that meet the standards of thoroughness and fairness. We teach and train at all levels.

The Military Whistleblower Protection Act protects members of the Armed Forces who report a violation of law or regulation, including sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination, gross mismanagement, a gross waste of funds, an abuse of authority or a substantial or specific danger to public health or safety. The Act entitles service members to lawfully report waste, fraud and abuse without fear of restriction, reprisal or punitive actions.

Guidelines and Prohibitions

The Inspector General's role in resolving cases relating to the nonsupport of dependents is sometimes misunderstood by members of the chain of command and family members requesting assistance. Resolution of cases involving nonsupport and indebtedness is a command responsibility.

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Inspectors General conduct readiness assistant visits (RAVs) to assist units of all types to reinforce state and command programs and policies. We visit a unit and teach incoming personnel how to inspect their organization and re-establish systems that may have suffered because of our high-paced operational environment. RAVs are not IG inspections. RAV’s will not substitute for actual command inspections and normal training for soldiers in new positions.

To complain without fear of reprisal is the right of any soldier, civilian or family member seeking IG help. After all, problem solving is one of the IG's primary missions.

Before you contact your Inspector General...

  • Be sure you have a problem, not just a peeve.
  • Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem.
    • Many problems must be addressed to the chain of command for resolution anyway.
  • If IG assistance is needed, contact your local IG first.
    • IGs at higher commands will normally refer the case to the local IG for action.
  • Be honest and don't provide misleading information.
    • IGs will discover the truth quickly in most cases and there are penalties for knowingly providing false information.
  • Keep in mind that IGs are not policy makers.
    • If a policy is flawed you can submit proposed change on a DA form 2028.
  • Keep in mind that IGs can only recommend, not order a resolution.
    • Only Commanders can order a resolution. The role of the IG is to advise the Commander.
  • Remember IGs can only resolve a case of the basis of face.
    • Your claim that a supervisor has violated rules does not make it fact. A claim must be supported with evidence.
  • Don't expect instant action on your request. Be patient.
    • Investigations take time and IGs tend to have heavy workloads.
  • Be prepared to take "no" for the answer.
    • In any response, the IG will explain why.

What next?

  • You must use other forms of redress before coming to the IG; for example, if your issue is with an NCOER...did you appeal IAW DA PAM 623-3?
  • If you still need to contact the IG, go to Filing a Complaint; complete the form and be prepared to provide it to the IG.
  • If you have given your chain of command a chance to solve the problem AND used other forms of redress before coming to the IG, and you still need to file a complaint, complete form DA Form 1559 for Army National Guard complaints, or AF Form 102 for Air National Guard complaints. Scan and email the form to

DA Form 1559 (PDF) - Inspector General Action Request

AF Form 102 (PDF) - Inspector General Personal and Fraud, Waste and Abuse Complaint Registration

Note: If you are unable to open the PDFs or are receiving an error message when attempting to open PDFs, right click and save the PDF to your computer, then open the file on your computer.

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