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Army Active Guard Reserve

Army AGR Vacancies

All Army AGR vacancy applications must be submitted via Upon application submission through the portal, a confirmation email will be auto-generated and sent to the individual's military email.

AGR Army/Air Forms

Officer AGR Board Individual Character Self-Assessment

An Executive Summary (EXSUM) is a concise report that is written in Arial 12-point font and no longer than 250 words. This EXSUM will be included with the application of each Officer seeking entry to the Indiana Active Guard Reserve (AGR) program. The Officer AGR Board is designed to align exceptionally talented, versatile, and inclusive leaders with critical organizational needs. Merit and performance are indispensable; however, your personality, trustworthiness, collaboration skills, commitment to inclusion, communication skills, and values are of paramount importance when determining whether you are a competent, moral, and inclusive leader. This EXSUM is your forum to describe the character attributes that will make you an excellent AGR. You may illustrate your character attributes any way you like, so long as it remains in this EXSUM format. As an example, your character self-assessment may be done by describing a life experience that demonstrates your character or helped shape it. You can describe a time when you made a meaningful contribution to others in which the greater good was your focus and discuss the challenges and rewards of making your contributions. Your character self-assessment must be developed independently and is one of many considerations for selecting the highest caliber Officers for the AGR program.

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