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2018-2019 Adult Education Continuation Grant and Competitive Application (Request for Application):

Grant Forms:

ABE RFA Partnership Attachment PY1819
Adult Ed Grant Administrator Waiver PY18
Assurances ABE PY18
Provider PY18 Itemized Budget
2018-2019 ABE RFA

Grant Resources:

ABE RFA Projected Funding

Grant FAQ

PY2018-19 Grant FAQ

2018-2019 Integrated English Literacy & Civic Education Grant Continuation Competitive Application (Request for Application):

Grant Forms:

2018-2019 IELCE Continuation
Assurances IELCE PY18
IECLE Grant Administration Waiver PY18
IECLE Partnership Attachment PY1819
Provider PY18 IECLE Itemized Budget

Grant Resources:


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WorkINdiana Grant

Information about the WorkINdiana PY2017 RFA can be found here.


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