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Archived Workshop Presentations

The following tables include Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) presentations from the most recent IHCP Roadshow and IHCP Works seminar.

The information in the PDFs and recordings linked below was up to date at the time it was presented. Changes to policies and procedures are announced in IHCP provider Banner Pages and Bulletins, and are incorporated into IHCP reference materials as those materials are revised.

IHCP Works Presentations (Fall 2021)

Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP)

Gainwell Technologies



Managed Health Services (MHS)



IHCP Roadshow Presentations (Spring 2021)

Presentations PDFs:

Panel Discussion Question-and-Answer PDFs:

IHCP Works Presentations (Fall 2020)

State of Indiana

YouTube Recording (Video)Slideshow Presentation (PDF)
No video recordingElectronic Visit Verification (EVV) 101 FSSA (PDF)
No video recordingIHCP Listens - Credentialing Workshop FSSA (PDF)
Keynote 1: Dr. Weaver – FSSA (video)No PDF presentation
Keynote 2: Jay Chaudhary – FSSA (video)No PDF presentation
No video recordingNaloxone Project – FSSA (PDF)

Fee-for-Service (FFS)

Note: DXC Technology is the former name of the IHCP fiscal agent contractor, Gainwell Technologies.

YouTube Recording (Video)Slideshow Presentation (PDF)
FFS Behavioral Health 101 – DXC (video)FFS Behavioral Health 101 DXC (PDF)
No video recordingFFS Behavioral Health 201 DXC (PDF)
FFS CMS-1500/Professional Claims 201 – DXC (video)FFS CMS-1500/Professional Claims 201 – DXC (PDF)
FFS Prior Authorization 101 – DXC (video)FFS Prior Authorization 101 – DXC (PDF)
Life of a Claim – DXC (video)Life of a Claim – DXC (PDF)
Portal "How To" 101 – DXC (video)Portal "How To" 101 – DXC (PDF)
Provider Enrollment 101 – DXC (video)Provider Enrollment 101 – DXC (PDF)
UB-04 Secondary Claims 201 – DXC (video)UB-04 Secondary Claims 201 – DXC (PDF)

Anthem Managed Care

YouTube Recording (Video)Slideshow Presentation (PDF)
Availity: A Guided Chat – Anthem (video)No PDF presentation
No video recordingBehavioral Health Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR) 201 Jeopardy – Anthem (PDF)
Claim Requirements 101 – Anthem (video)Claim Requirements 101 – Anthem (PDF)
Provider Eligibility and Credentialing 101 – Anthem (video)Provider Eligibility and Credentialing 101 – Anthem (PDF)
Provider Rep Live – Anthem (video)No PDF presentation
No video recordingScreening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Squares – Anthem (PDF)
The Anthem Bunch – Anthem (video)No PDF presentation
Utilization Management 101 – Anthem (video)Utilization Management 101 – Anthem (PDF)
Website Navigation 101 – Anthem (video)No PDF presentation

CareSource Managed Care

YouTube Recording (Video)Slideshow Presentation (PDF)
No video recordingBehavioral Health 101 – CareSource (PDF)
Claims 101 – CareSource (video)Claims 101 – CareSource (PDF)
Dental 101 – CareSource (video)Dental 101 – CareSource (PDF)
ECHO Payments Simplified – CareSource (video)ECHO Payments Simplified – CareSource (PDF)
Eligibility 101 – CareSource (video)Eligibility 101 – CareSource (PDF)
Prior Authorization 101 – CareSource (video)Prior Authorization 101 – CareSource (PDF)
Provider Portal 101 – CareSource (video)Provider Portal 101 – CareSource (PDF)
Returning Citizens Re-Entry Program 201 – CareSource (video)Returning Citizens Re-Entry Program 201 – CareSource (PDF) 
Versant Superior Vision – CareSource (video)Versant Superior Vision – CareSource (PDF)

MDwise Managed Care

YouTube Recording (Video)Slideshow Presentation (PDF)
Ask MDwise! (video) No PDF presentation
Claims 101 – MDwise (video)Claims 101 – MDwise (PDF)
Enrollment Credentialing 101 – MDwise (video)Enrollment Credentialing 101 – MDwise (PDF)
How to Avoid Pesky Claim Denials – MDwise (video)No PDF presentation
Intro to MDwise Outreach (video)No PDF presentation
Prior Authorization 101 – MDwise (video)Prior Authorization 101 – MDwise (PDF)
Provider Portal 101 – MDwise (video)Provider Portal 101 – MDwise (PDF)

MHS Managed Care

YouTube Recording (Video)Slideshow Presentation (PDF)
Claims UB-04 and CMS-1500 – MHS (video)Claims UB-04 and CMS-1500– MHS (PDF)
Pay for Performance – MHS (video)Pay for Performance – MHS (PDF)
Prior Authorizations – MHS (video)Prior Authorizations – MHS (PDF)
Provider Enrollment and Credentialing – MHS (video)Provider Enrollment and Credentialing – MHS (PDF)
Web Portal Overview – MHS (video)Web Portal Overview – MHS (PDF)

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