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Special and Institutional Libraries

Services for Special & Institutional Libraries

The Indiana State Library provides advisory services, interlibrary loans, and grants for the state’s institutional, correctional, and special libraries. We are able to provide ACA accreditation letters and site visits upon request. For more information, contact us at or (800) 451-6028.



Grant available for Institutional Libraries

Listservs for Institutional Libraries

  • Instilibs Listserv – Discussion list exclusively for Indiana Institutional Libraries – Learn about grant opportunities, trainings, and book giveaways
  • Free books and continuing education for Institutional Libraries
    • Subscribe to the INPubLib and INLibraries listservs to learn more about Indiana library events, trainings and book giveaways.

Guidelines for Institutional Libraries

Archived Institutional Statistics

The Institutional Library and Media Center Statistical survey collects information on Institutional library staff, expenditures, holdings and services for the purpose of measuring growth over time.  The items measured include population served, circulation, interlibrary loan, staff wages, collection expenditures, number of titles and number of volumes, serial subscriptions, service hours, and reference transactions.

Steps for accessing ZIP files

  1. After clicking on the link to the file you wish to open, you will be asked if you want to "save" or "open" the folder. Please choose to "open" the file.
  2. A new ZIP folder will appear. At this point, choose to "Extract all files" from the "Folder Tasks" box on the top left-hand corner of the screen. You will now be prompted to begin the Extraction Wizard application. Complete the Extraction Wizard.
  3. Now that your files are extracted, open up the "Statistics Menu" within the extracted folder and you are ready to view public library statistics.

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