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Web Content

Are you one of over 100 web sites the IN.gov Program supports? If so, an online submission form is available to request assistance with your web site. The IN.gov Program provides custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS assistance, as well as professional graphic design.

  • Agency Content/Graphics Requests
    This is where an agency would request assistance with maintaining non-interactive portions of their web presence. This would include such things as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, graphics, images, and simple email contact forms. The standard turnaround time for these requests is three business days. Individual requests that will take longer than this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Google Analytics Suggestions/Requests
    Google Analytics is a solution that will help our webmasters analyze web traffic data to better understand their audience and content. For any assistance with accessing and/or using the Google Analytics, please log a ticket.
  • IN.gov Homepage Promotional Items
    Promote your agency campaign or event on the homepage of IN.gov. Requests will be reviewed and approved by the Users and Governance council members.
  • IN.gov Suggestion Box
    If you have a suggestion that you feel can improve the IN.gov experience, this is a place where you can submit it for review. Suggestions can include such things as changes to standards, WebCMS enhancements, and IN.gov homepage billboard and content requests.
  • New Website or Website Redesign Request
    As agency needs change and progress over time, the IN.gov Program is available to assist with the development of new program/initiative websites and website redesigns. If your agency has a need for a new or improved website, please complete the following form in its entirety. Once received, IN.gov will analyze the request and contact your agency to begin the planning phase of the project.
  • Responsive Design
    If an issue is found with a Responsive Design website/application IN.gov developed, please use this form to notify IN.gov.
  • Search Services
    Add integrated search functionality to your website through indexing a set of pages, file directory, database, or spreadsheet. Advanced search options available with faceting and custom interfaces.
  • Siteimprove Suggestions/Requests
    Siteimprove is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that monitors the state website for broken links and misspelled words.  It will also help our webmasters improve accessibility and provide an overview of resources.  For any assistance with accessing and/or using the Siteimprove SaaS, please log a ticket.
  • Web 2.0 Social Media Requests
    With the outstanding growth of social media, many agencies are turning to online tools to supplement their marketing or public relations initiatives. If you are interested in implementing one or more of these services, please complete this form it its entirety.
  • Website Redesign Issue Reporting
    If an issue is found with the new website design IN.gov developed, please use this form to notify IN.gov.
  • Deactivate Website
    This from is to deactivate and archive an agency website and/or subsite. Please note you will need an executive sponsor from your agency.