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BMV Enhanced Access 90 Day Password Reset Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting July 14th, 2011, all BMV Enhanced Access Users will be prompted
to setup security questions for their online account.

To find out more information click here.

IN.gov Subscription Fee Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting November 1, 2010, the new and annual subscriber renewal fee will be $95.00.
This pricing change will be in effect starting on your annual renewal date. Your annual renewal date will also remain unchanged.

Why Subscribe?

Frequent IN.gov business users may want a subscription to save time and money. An annual IN.gov subscription includes the following benefits:

  • Access to all subscriber services, some of which may only be accessed with an IN.gov subscription (Click here for list)
  • Individual passwords for up to 10 people in your organization

  • Toll-free support hotline staffed by our knowledgeable customer service representatives

  • Detailed monthly billing summaries and BMV search histories

Subscription Discounts
Some government users qualify for discounted subscriptions or waived fees on certain services.