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Per Statute IC 5-22-22-4.5 (see below), The Indiana Office of Technology approves government agencies' usage of Online Auction Sites. The requests must be made by a representative of a government agency and not a vendor or a representative from an Auction Site. The following sites are pre-approved and can be used without additional requests:

To request review and approval of an auction website not yet posted on this page, please submit responses to the following questions to

  1. What is the name of the online auction company your agency is requesting approval for sale of surplus property?
  2. What is the website's URL for the requested online auction?
  3. Please provide the contact information for who your agency is working with from the online auction website.
  4. What type of surplus property does your agency intend to sell and does the requested online auction website host sale of that item type?
  5. If the site allows online payments, please provide proof from the online auction company that they are PCI compliant. (PCI compliance is required for any business that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data. A company's Attestation of Compliance (AOC) is their formal proof that they are in compliance with PCI DSS requirements.)
  6. Does the requested online auction company have the following (Request them to provide):
    1. Certification and rating from the Better Business Bureau
    2. Certification/licensing as an auctioneer.
    3. Proof of meeting regulatory requirements for doing business in Indiana (

Note: Only requests from Government Agencies will be considered. IOT does not accept requests from the online auction sites wishing to be approved.

State Statute IC 5-22-22-4.5 Internet sales; costs

Sec. 4.5. (a) The purchasing agency may sell surplus property using an Internet auction site that satisfies both of the following:
(1) The site is approved by the office of technology established by IC 4-13.1-2-1.
(2) The site is linked to the electronic gateway administered under IC 4-13.1-2-2(a)(6) by the office of technology.
(b) The purchasing agency's posting of the sale on the Internet auction site must include a detailed description of the surplus property to be sold.
(c) The purchasing agency may pay the costs of conducting the auction on the Internet site as required by the person maintaining the auction site.
As added by P.L.31-2002, SEC.5. Amended by P.L.198-2007, SEC.3; P.L.134-2021, SEC.9. | Business Owner's Guide
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