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Per Statute IC 5-22-22-4.5, The Indiana Office of Technology approves government agencies' usage of Online Auction Sites. The requests must be made by a representative of a government agency and not a vendor or a representative from an Auction Site. The following sites are pre-approved and can be used without additional requests:

To request review and approval of a site not yet posted, please submit responses to the following criteria to once you work with the site owner to answer the questions:

  1. Is the requested site a logical place for the sale of the type of personal property the requesting agency intends to sell and is property for sale likely to be found by a potential buyers on that site? (If not, the intent of the General Assembly to promote access and competition is unlikely to be served; so, the site must be an auction site.)
  2. What are the ratings of the website via third party business review companies such as the Better Business Bureau?
  3. Is there any published information that would prevent/ make this not a reputable site?
  4. If the site allows credit card transactions, is the site PCI compliant?
  5. Is there any reason at a user would not recommend this site to another person?

Note: Only requests from Government Agencies will be considered. IOT does not accept requests from the online auction sites wishing to be approved.

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