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Pursuant to IC 5-22-22-4.5, IOT is required to approve the use of Internet auction sites for the sale of "personal property" by a "governmental body" in Indiana. (For a list of property exempt from this requirement, see IC 5-22-22-1. Other laws may apply. Consult counsel if necessary.)

IC 5-22-22-4.5

IC 5-22-22-4.5, provides:

  1. The purchasing agency may sell surplus property using an Internet auction site that satisfies both of the following:
    1. The site is approved by the Office of Technology established by IC 4-13.1-2-1.
    2. The site is linked to the electronic gateway administered under IC 4-13.1-2-2(a)(5) by the Office of Technology.
  2. The purchasing agency's posting of the sale on the Internet auction site must include a detailed description of the surplus property to be sold.
  3. The purchasing agency may pay the costs of conducting the auction on the Internet site as required by the person maintaining the auction site.

Review Process

IOT reviews requests submitted by governmental agencies. Before requesting that IOT review a site, please review the Approved Sites list below to determine whether an approved site meets the agency's needs. If the agency's needs are not met by an already-approved site, review the process below, which IOT will use to review the site requested. When IOT reviews a site, it will do so without review of other laws. It is incumbent upon the requesting agency to ensure that the IC 5-22-22-4.5 is applicable and that the requesting agency complies with all other laws.

In its review, IOT considers the following factors:

  1. Is the requested site a logical place for the sale of the type of personal property the requesting agency intends to sell and is property for sale likely to be found by a potential buyers on that site? (If not, the intent of the General Assembly to promote access and competition is unlikely to be served; so, the site must be an auction site.)
  2. Has the site successfully transmitted money to another user upon the sale of an item? (Were there any problems with any transaction?)
  3. If the site allows credit card transactions, is the site PCI compliant?
  4. Is there an audit trail to be able to see the details of each transaction?
  5. Is there any reason at a user would not recommend this site to another person?

Approved and rejected sites are listed below. Please review those lists before submitting a request. To request review of a site, please contact us.

Approved Sites

These sites have already been approved for use. If you choose to use one of these sites, you may proceed without submitting a request to IOT.


At this time, no site has been rejected.

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