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Small Communities Sidewalk Program

Throughout Indiana, sidewalks are being used more and more. Sidewalks connect neighborhoods to schools, parks, religious facilities, community centers, transit, housing, government facilities, retail, and other    destinations. However, in small rural towns and communities, sidewalks may be less common. Financial constraints and other limitations provide a challenge for locals to develop and improve sidewalks along state jurisdictional facilities, as standalone projects. INDOT recognizes that sidewalks are an integral part of the transportation system and in order to provide assistance in addressing this issue, INDOT has developed a Small Community Sidewalk Program (SCSP). Highlights of this program are:

Funding will be set aside each fiscal year to construct new sidewalks or to upgrade existing sidewalks to ensure compliance with the most current standards, including American Disability Act (ADA) standards. Submitted projects will be located within public right of way for federal eligibility requirements. Development of this program will provide health benefits associated with walking as well as provide a sense of safety and welfare for pedestrians utilizing sidewalks. 

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