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Historic Bridges Marketing Program

When an Indiana historic bridge is planned for bypassing or replacement, the bridge is offered to any group or individual that may want to take ownership of the bridge and manage or relocate it to another site. INDOT and the Federal Highway Administration are currently working to market these historic structures for preservation in-place and for relocation (storage or to a new site).

Available bridges are classified in the following categories:   

Status Pending – The future of these bridges is unknown. They are scheduled for replacement, but rehabilitation in-place is still an option. The Section 106 process is on-going. Interested parties/may/be able to use them at a new location depending on the outcome of the Section 106 consultation.  

Available – These bridges are scheduled for replacement and the Section 106 process is complete. These bridges have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that allows for their relocation and reuse by interested parties. Interested parties should coordinate with the contact names on the individual pages to determine if the bridge is already in storage and ready to transfer or if its dismantling is yet to occur.  

Preserved – Commitments have been made for these bridges to either be rehabilitated in-place or relocated for reuse by another party. These bridges remain on the website to serve as project examples. Individuals and agencies involved with these projects could provide helpful information for others who are contemplating a project relocating a historic bridge.

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Contact Information

Mary Kennedy
Environmental Services-Cultural Resources
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave, IGCN 642
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Bridges Within Program

(Click on any thumbnail image for more information.)

S.R. 152 Over Gibson RR Yard
U.S. 150 Over UNT to Lick Creek
S.R. 316 over Wabash River
Available Preserved Status Pending
Randolph 117
Randolph 154
Perry 14
Pending Preserved Available
Jackson 203
Miami 28
Miami 28
Bartholomew 26
Pending Preserved Preserved

Hendricks 106
Hendricks County Bridge CR 550 N West Fork Big Walnut Creek

Decatur 18
Decatur 115
Pending Available Preserved
Decatur 140
Lake 2
Lake 36
Preserved Available Preserved
Shelby 41
Fountain 63
Daviess 183
Status Pending Preserved Preserved
Decatur 19
Henry 90
Shelby 13
Available Preserved Status Pending
Owen 14
Gibson 68
Warrick 264
Preserved Preserved Preserved
Warrick 271
Washington 113
S.R. 44 Over Sugar Creek
Preserved Preserved Available
S.R. 154 / Turman Creek
Putnam 146
Wells 59
Preserved Preserved Available
U.S. 41 Over Pigeon Creek
S.R. 67 / Lambs Creek
Freedom Bridge
Available Available Preserved

Crawford 43

S.R. 257 Veale Creek

Delaware 161

Status Pending Available Available

Marion 1104F

S.R. 26 over Wildcat Creek
 Marion 3216L
Marion 3216L
  Status Pending Status Pending

Howard 508

Vigo 77

SR 25 Eel River 
Cass County

Status Pending Status Pending Status Pending
Dearborn County 24
Madison County 97
 Noble 134
Status Pending Preserved Status Pending

SR 46 Little Laughery Creek

Dandy Trail over Eagle Creek

Vigo County Bridge 322

Status Pending Status Pending Status Pending

Jennings Co. Bridge 76

Clinton Co. Bridge 36


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