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Whether you are a member of the military or are a civilian, there are many ways to serve both your community and the nation as an Indiana National Guard full time employee. All employees of the Indiana National Guard enjoy a professional work environment, competitive wages and excellent benefit plans. The Guard offers its federal and state employees comprehensive and affordable health insurance, retirement, paid leave and sick days, eligibility for raises and bonuses, alternative work schedules, regularly scheduled teleworking and up to five hours per week of paid time for performing physical fitness activities. Depending on the type of employee you are, different rules may apply. Check with your hiring manager to learn about the benefits being offered for your position.

Military members of the Indiana National Guard are eligible to serve full-time in the Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) program. AGR soldiers and airmen receive the same pay, health insurance and retirement benefits as their active duty counterparts, but are never required to relocate outside the state (unless temporarily ordered by the President of the United States to serve on a federal mission). An AGR job provides the opportunity for retirement after 20 years of active service.

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A Federal Military Technician (dual status) is a federal civilian employee who is employed under U.S.C. Section 709 (b) of Title 32. Members of the military are eligible to serve in the technician program and must maintain membership in the Indiana National Guard. Military Technicians are assigned to a civilian position and perform full-time duties in the administration and training of the National Guard or in the maintenance and repair of supplies or equipment issued to the National Guard or the Armed Forces.

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A Federal Employee (Title 5) Technician with the Indiana National Guard is a federal civilian employee who is employed under U.S.C. section 3101 of Title 5. These positions have either competitive or excepted civil service status, depending on the position for which they are hired. Federal Employees are not required to maintain military membership in the Indiana National Guard. Title 5 Technician positions are open to civilian and military members alike.

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Traditional National Guard soldiers serve their community, state, and federal mission during monthly Individual Duty Training (IDT) and an Annual Training (AT) period once a year. Positions are open to currently serving uniformed members of the Indiana National Guard or other states. Requests to fulfill a current vacancy are processed through the chain of command.

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The State of Indiana job bank, known as “Work for Indiana,” offers a wide range of services for job seekers. Visit the state job bank to take advantage of many online services, including searching for employment opportunities; learning more about state employment, benefits and retirement; submitting a job application; signing up for email updates; downloading the mobile app and more. Type “National Guard” into the Keyword Search to get started.

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Federal Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office (HRO) is a consolidated office that provides personnel, manpower, management and administrative support service for full-time personnel programs. The office serves as the adjutant general's single span of control for managing and administering the Indiana Army and Air National Guard full-time personnel programs. We serve more than 1,500 full-time Army, Air, Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) and National Guard employees throughout the state of Indiana.

The HRO sponsors links to jobs that require and do not require membership in the Air or Army National Guard as employment criteria. Review the following job category definitions prior to searching vacancies. If you need assistance with understanding what the different categories are, please contact us.

Human Resources SectionPhone
Main Line317-247-3289
Employment Verification 317-247-3289
AGR Air Staffing (Applications/Announcements) 317-247-3300, Ext. 3390
AGR Army Staffing (Applications/Announcements) 317-247-3300, Ext. 74013
AGR Manager 317-247-3287
AGR Pay & Leave Slips 317-247-3300, Ext. 74012
AGR Separations & Retirements NCO 317-247-3300, Ext. 74015
Air Guard Classification 317-247-3278
Army Classification 317-247-3300, Ext. 73292
Technician Staffing 317-247-3299 or 317-247-3460
Deputy Human Resources Officer 317-247-3467
DTS & Technician Budget Assistant 317-247-3300, Ext. 74014
Employee Training & Development 317-247-3440
Human Resources Admin Assistant 317-247-3289
Human Resources Officer 317-247-3285
Labor Relations 317-247-3472
Personnel Systems Manager 317-247-3288
State EEO/SEEM 317-247-3237
State Tricare Rep/Covalence 317-247-3390
Supervisor of Technician Services 317-247-3387
Technician Manager 317-247-3428
Technician OWCP Coordinator/EAP/Awards 317-247-3469
Technician Performance Evaluations 317-247-3387
Technician Retirements/Separations 317-247-3387
Technician Services 317-247-3494
Technician Staffing Supervisor 317-247-3299

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