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Indiana Intelligence Center

Indiana Intelligence Center LogoOne of the top intelligence training sites in the U.S. Army, the Indiana Intelligence Center (INIC) works to ensure the readiness of military and public sector intelligence forces by providing SCIF* capabilities, tactical and classroom training facilities and intelligence support for joint use by authorized users. Our Stout Field location in Indianapolis utilizes the capabilities of nearby Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuck Training Center further south to provide a layered, mission-centric training experience that takes advantage of the best attributes of each site. For more than a decade INIC has hosted and supported a wide range of training activities, serving active, guard and reserve military components, as well as outside governmental organizations such as the FBI, TSA and Department of Homeland Security. INIC is also available for use by private technology partners and other authorized technology companies to develop classified projects. We provide live, tactical and classroom learning environments and highly experienced and trained intelligence personnel to customize your training experience.

*SCIF = sensitive compartmented information facility

  • We provide SCIF capabilities to sustain readiness, support ongoing missions and recruit and retain trained intelligence personnel.
  • We retain critical intelligence skills, experience and knowledge developed during deployments.
  • We serve as a Project FOUNDRY Platform, one of four within the National Guard and the only one east of the Mississippi River.
  • We provide intelligence support to combatant commands (CCMD), authorized units and other government agencies (OGA).
  • We provide a secure communications node for headquarters, major commands and regional government leadership.
  • 17,500 sq. ft. facility with 2,500 sq. ft. tactical vehicle area, 2X tactical boot in bays, and 6X vehicle communication pod and shore power
  • 170 multi-classification workstations: NIPR/SIPR/JWICS/NSANET
  • Organic JOINT-DIV-BDE-BN-CO and MOB Station infrastructure
  • MI Tool Kit (for 10-20 level skills)
  • UAS close air capability (CAIN) with FMV reach to GEOINT Classroom
  • ACE BLOCK II and DCGS-A 3.2 (TS/SCI)
  • Language and cultural simulation
  • Federated Intelligence Program (FIP) mission reach-back
  • Live Environment Training (LET) platform
  • HUMINT Interview Modules
  • Cross Domain Solution (CDSS)
  • SVTC and TSVTC
  • Enterprise IT and Virtualization Infrastructure
  • IEWTPT Suite of Virtual Intel Training Platform

Includes distance from Stout Field

  • 38th Infantry Division (.5 mi)
  • Naval Reserve (5 mi)
  • Other Governmental Agencies (OGA) Training (5 mi)
  • Army Reserve (15 mi)
  • 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (18 mi)
  • 219th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (35 mi)
  • Camp Atterbury Center for Complex Operations (35 mi)
  • 181st Intelligence Wing, Terre Haute Air National Guard Base (63 mi)
  • Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (85 mi)
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (75 mi)
  • 122nd Fighter Wing, Ft. Wayne International Airport (126 mi)


  • All Source Training
    • DCGS-A Boot Camp
    • DCGS-A Master Gunner Course*
    • All Source Production Course I and II
    • Joint Incident Awareness and Assessment Team
    • Evaluate the Cyber Threat

    *Only National Guard site providing this course

  • GEOINT Training
    • GEOINT Tradecraft
    • Tactical Full Motion Video Course
    • GEOINT Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)
    • Tactical-Intelligence Ground Station Op Course*

    *Course provided solely by the Indiana Intelligence Center

  • MI Systems Training
    • 35T DCGS-A FSE Basic Course*

    *Course provided solely by the Indiana Intelligence Center

  • HUMINT Training
    • Military Source Operations (MSO)
    • Advanced Interpersonal Skills for Collectors
    • HUMINT Operational Management
    • Operational HUMINT Report Writing
    • FORMICA Operations
    • MAP Tracking in a Digital Environment
  • SIGINT Training
    • SIGINT Mission Oversight for Leaders
    • Basic SIGINT Analysis
    • LLVI Operator Course
    • SIGINT Terminal Guidance Course
    • Basic OPELINT Analysis*
    • Tactical SIGINT Operations (Prophet)*

    *Course provided solely by the Indiana Intelligence Center

Contact Us

To schedule your training with the Indiana Intelligence Center, please contact the training coordinator from the list below:

Training Coordinator317-247-3180
State Security Officer317-247-3589
Intelligence Operations Officer317-247-330072275
Foundry Manager317-247-330072283
Intel Systems Instructor317-247-330072290
PED Director317-247-330072292
HUMINT Instructor317-247-330072277
CI Foundry Director317-247-330072284
All Source Instructor317-247-330072278
GEOINT Instructor317-247-330073454
SIGINT Instructor317-247-330072281
Collective Training Lead317-247-330073455

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