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Indiana Air Range Complex

The Indiana Air Range Complex (IARC) enables training and testing activities utilizing special use and managed airspace supporting both kinetic and non-kinetic air-to-ground operations. The IARC consists of Camp Atterbury, Muscatatuck Training Center and Jefferson Range and the supporting associated special-use airspace.

Indiana Air Range Complex Special Use Airspace
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The IARC supports unmanned aerial systems (UAS), close-air support training and two Indiana Air National Guard Wings, co-located on civilian airports. Numerous supporting airfields in and around the IARC can accept up to 747/C-5-size aircraft. We have access to five runways, including the Columbus Municipal Airport, Fort Wayne International Airport , Himsel Army Airfield , North Vernon Airport , and the Terre Haute Regional Airport, Hulman Field (HUF).

Available are:

  • Air-to-ground and JTAC subject matter experts ( SMEs)
  • Air scored targets
  • Strafe targets
  • Rocket targets
  • Laser capabilities
  • Day and night operations for manned and unmanned activity
  • Restricted airspace for unmanned flight training and testing

Venues available to reserve:

  • Dedicated Unmanned Aircraft Operations Facilities
  • Operations and Maintenance Hangar
  • Admin and Operational Office Space
  • Classrooms

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Jefferson Range



Tuesday through Friday
0800-1600 EST
Tuesday through Thursday nights
as scheduled
Saturday and Sunday
as scheduled
Other times are considered on a case-by-case basis

(West Gate)
7505 E County Rd 175 N
Butlerville, IN 47223
(East Gate)
6000 S Old Michigan Rd
Holton, IN 47023

Airspace Hours
available for scheduling daily from 0630 to 2400 EST
available for scheduling daily from 0800 to 2300 EST
activated in conjunction with R-3403A/B and available for scheduling daily from 0800-2300 EST, other times by NOTAM

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