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The Indiana National Guard supports the state of Indiana and Hoosier communities across the state. Our Ceremonial Unit, 38th Infantry Division Band and Honor Guard support military funerals and memorials, major sporting events, the Indianapolis 500 and so much more. Our 64 armories, which support the training, administration and logistics of Indiana National Guard units, also give us the ability to launch operations to support local law enforcement and first responders anywhere in the state during emergency conditions like blizzards, floods and civil unrest. Indiana’s armories played a key role in the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, administering tens of thousands of vaccinations and COVID tests, distributing food and personal protective equipment, and assisting hospitals and corrections staff across the state.

Indiana National Guardsmen salute the American flag at a Colts game in the 2022 season.

Community Relations

Indiana National Guard stands proud all across the Hoosier state. Click on the county you live in to find your nearest Indiana National Guard resource.

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Indiana National Guard in Your Community

Indiana National Guard in Your Community

Stay connected to the Indiana National Guard with news and local events.

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