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Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy

Volunteer Mentorship Program

Thank you for volunteering to be a mentor for Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy (HYCA). You play a vital role in the success of this program and in the life of the youth you mentor. We thank you for your time and commitment. We are here to assist you should the need arise – you are not alone.*

Becoming a Mentor


Complete the online mentor application. Please, don’t hesitate to email us with questions at

Match Session

At the Match Session, we will discuss the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy program and begin building the path toward the cadet's future. The training/ceremony is mandatory for all mentors to attend in order to match with you cadets. No guests are allowed (no spouses, children, parents, etc.).

Mentor Training

Currently, all training is online. The Lead Case Manager will contact you with training dates. You MUST RSVP with the Lead Case Manager, no later than 3 business days prior to the training. This training lasts around 4-6 hours, please come prepared.

Mentor Training Questions

Mentor Training Lessons

Mandated Reporting Information

Report any incidents during residential phase to your PRA or mentor coordinator. If an incident occurs in the post-residential please report to your local authority and your PRA and mentor coordinator.

Report the following incidents:

  • Any abuse-sexual, physical, or emotional
  • Any unsafe situation
  • Suicide threats
  • Plans to commit a crime
  • Commission of a crime


  • What is the mentoring component of the Challenge Program?

    Mentoring is a core strategy of the Challenge Program. Youth in the program are trained/matched with qualified adult mentors by the 13th week of the program.

  • What are the qualifications for being a mentor?
    • Be at least 21 years old and the same gender as the Cadet
    • Must commit to the Cadet and the program's requirements for the duration of the Cadet's participation
    • Same gender (Cross-gender matches are allowed on a case-by-base basis, if approved by the program director and documented in the mentoring case file)
    • Reasonable geographic proximity (Geographic proximity is defined as distance acceptable to both the mentor and Cadet)
    • Not live in the same household as the applicant or be an immediate family member (mother, father, step-mother, step-father, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister, foster parent, legal guardian), ChalleNGe staff, their spouses, or significant others
    • Capable of being a role model who demonstrates by example the types of life skills, work ethics and attitudes needed to be a productive member of society
    • Agrees to and can successfully pass reference checks and criminal background checks (NO Felonies)
    • Complete Mentor Training/Matching Event at the academy
    • Mentors will not be matched with more than one Cadet unless the Program Director has given written approval and is noted in the case file
    • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • What is expected of mentors?
    • Write your Cadet at least once a week throughout the duration of the Residential Phase
    • Please be very encouraging to your Cadet. This is often the first and the longest time they have been away from home. This program is a ChalleNGe. They will need to be reminded they are here to improve their future, and your support to that in the Residential and Post Residential Phase is vital to their success of this program
    • Mentor Training and Mentor Match will be done on the same day. A Case Manager will contact you with the scheduled dates and times available
    • Mentor visits are not allowed until you have completed your Mentor Training/Matching Event
    • An e-mail will be sent out introducing you to your Case Manager, the date, the time, and directions to our campus will be sent to you prior to the Mentor training/Match
    • Your Case Manager will be your point of contact during the Residential and Post Residential Phase
    • Mentor Visits are NOT MANDATORY.  Schedule of Sunday visits will be provided during training session
    • To help build the Mentor/Cadet relationship in the Residential Phase - After a Mentor has been trained and matched; Mentor's will be allowed to visit on Sunday afternoons at the HYCA campus
    • Mentors Must RSVP - per phone call or email to the Case Manager by 4pm Thursday prior to the visit.  If mentors fail to RSVP, you will NOT be allowed to visit your Cadet
    • Maintain contact with your Cadet at least once a week after graduation and submit your Monthly Mentor Report (MMR) to your Case Manager once a month.  This is also the time the Cadet will need your Support the most, and positive mentoring is crucial to their continued and future success
  • Who can I contact with questions?

    Please, email

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