19th Medical Regiment


BG Philip Eskew
State Surgeon
LTC Dan Agley

The Indiana Guard Reserve 19th Medical Regiment, in conjunction with the Support Command Medical Company and Brigade Medical Detachments, provides first-responder medical support to the volunteer members of the Indiana Guard Reserve.  Additionally, it provides licensed public health support personnel and technical support expertise in response to large scale disasters, supplementing local resources when activated and requested.

In November 2013, the IGR 19th Medical Regiment was formed  as the IGR Medical Command to organize IGR medical resources available on a state wide basis.

The goal of the IGR 19th Medical Regiment is to respond to Indiana emergencies with trained, licensed health professionals and medical support volunteers to support local and state lead authorities with surge and specialized emergency skills. Members serve in team responses and as individual cadre who assist and train other volunteers, augmenting the emergency response efforts at a local and statewide level.

Who are our members?

The ranks of the IGR Medical Command is composed of trained, licensed and certified health care professionals and medical support personnel who constantly train and prepare to support authorities with surge capability and specialized emergency skills. These individuals can serve in various roles depending on the nature of the emergency for which they are called to assist. It is able to provide mission-specific response teams or individual cadre depending on the scope and size of the mission. The intent and purpose of the IGR 19th Medical Regiment can be encompassed as "Hoosiers helping Hoosiers”

Functional Responsibilities

  • Provide field triage and emergency health care counseling for persons whose illnesses or injuries are a result of mass disasters;
  • Provide health care expertise and technical assistance to IDHS at their designated alternate treatment facilities (i.e. voluntarily committed acute care beds at non-hospital sites controlled by the National Disaster Medical System) with patient reception, patient staging, limited emergency care (i.e. triage and emergency injury treatment), patient evacuation preparation, and preliminary casualty clearing
  • Provide technical assistance (leadership and control) for identifying, organizing, validating credentials, caring for medical and health support volunteers on shift, scheduling/communicating shift assignments, and facilitating work force protection/guarantees for IGR soldiers and augmentees;
  • Provide technical assistance (leadership and control) to record, maintain and recall health database information about patients processed and treatments provided by IGR soldiers and augmentees.
  • Provide staff assistance experienced in public information duties to assist the impacted regional and State IDHS offices in performing Health and Medical Services public information activities.

Are you interested in joining?

Are you in the medical field? Doctor, Nurse, Nurses Assistant, Paramedic, EMT? Are you interested in becoming a First Responder or Learning Advanced First Aid? Do you like to help people? Do you have a few hours a month that could be better used? Don't wait until a disaster to do something, prepare now so that you will be "READY TO SERVE".

The Indiana Guard Reserve is actively seeking applications from physicians, PA’s,  nurses (degreed and LPN) , EMT's, mental health professionals, veterinary professionals and non-medical support personnel. Prior military service is not required.  Indiana Guard Reserve personnel provide surge capacity medical response only inside the State of Indiana and are not subject to federal service. Be a surge responder and use your skills to help your fellow Hoosiers!

The following criteria are required to be met for incoming personnel:

  • Resident of Indiana or enrolled student
  • Age 18-70. Age requirements may be waived for people who have a health-related license or experience.
  • Reasonable Good Health
  • Pass background check
  • Prior Military Service not required
  • Any skill set (Rescue, Medical, Medical, Logistical Support, Shelter Management, Civil Affairs, and Communications very welcome)
  • High School Diploma or GED educational requirement for enlistment
  • Educational and age requirements exist for officer commissioning.
  • Valid Indiana Driver’s License

19th Medical Regiment - Command and Staff Personnel

State Surgeon  
Commander LTC Daniel Agley
Deputy Commander / Executive Officer MAJ Julian Ungar-Sargon
Mobile Field Hospital Strike Force LTC Richard Friedman
Medical Director MAJ Julian Ungar-Sargon
Director of Nursing CPT Pamela Lewis
Medical Consultant MAJ Daniel Kantz
Military Consultant CPT Bobby Hill
Administrative Officer (vacant)
Chaplain CPT Michael Crockett
Command Sergeant Major CSM Dalis Owens
First Sergeant SFC Brandon Turner

MSU Medical Components

Support Command Medical Company

Company Commander CPT Linda Huser
Executive Officer CW3 Howard Bennis
First Sergeant (vacant)

Brigade Medical Officers

1st Brigade CW3 Ed Ksiezopolsk
2nd Brigade CPL David Jeglum
3rd Brigade 1SG Kenneth H. Street
4th Brigade CPT Stanna Kirchenbauer
Support Command 1LT Jay Anderson
Training Academy CPT Margaret Bottorff
HHQ WO1 Jessica Powell
19th Medical Regiment MAJ Julian Ungar-Sargon

Health and Wellness

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